How to deal with agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is often termed as an anxiety disorder which causes an intense and irrational fear of unfamiliar places or situations. The key to cope up with such a disorder is to realize that there are many ways to deal with the issue to help victims live a normal life. Some of which are listed below.

Seek help

Accept this first step to treat any disorder. Do not hesitate in seeking assistance if a particular condition is hampering your quality of life. Let your friends and family members be aware about your disorder. This will not only help you gain encouragement for getting better, but will also be beneficial in case of an emergency.

Moreover, if you are able to recognize the symptoms or triggers that cause panic attacks, talk to someone you are comfortable with. This will help you handle the situation or the attack, well in time. Make a list of emergency contact numbers and keep it handy with you. Having an accessible support network is really helpful in dealing with anxiety disorders. You may also consult a doctor or a therapist to begin a professional treatment of agoraphobia.

Overcome your fears

If you want to overcome anxiety, you have to face your fears by going to places or being in situations that causes discomfort. You may ask someone you trust to accompany you for support as you venture to areas you earlier viewed as off-limits. Also, make an effort to spend considerably longer periods of time in public, in company of your loved ones. This can make leaving your comfort zone feel less daunting.

Starting with least feared situations or places and working up to the most feared ones is an ideal way to confront your fears. Moreover, be sure not to think about an attack as often the fear of having an attack leads to an anxiety attack. The thought that specific situation or a place will make you uncomfortable or uneasy alone can trigger panic. One of the major causes of agoraphobia is over-anticipating an anxiety attack.


Use relaxation techniques

When you start getting anxiety attacks, try to soothe your mind by involving yourself in various relaxation techniques. These may include breathing exercises, meditation, or even listening to music. The idea here is to take your mind off the uncomfortable situation. Another good way to relax your mind is to get into a restful posture with closed eyes and imagine yourself in a setting that may be soothing to you.

Moreover, consider indulging yourself in various other activities of your interest when not experiencing an attack. This will help you reduce overall stress and will have a calming effect on your body and mind. You may also consider carrying a bottle of your favorite essence oil. While undergoing an attack, try to inhale the same as it will help to relax your senses.

Reward your successes

To effectively deal with agoraphobia, you must focus on your success and reward yourself. Believe that it is difficult to face the fears. Even if you have stayed in an uncomfortable situation or a place for few minutes before escaping, you have at least made an attempt. Do not focus on the failures. Do not think about the minutes you didn’t last, instead celebrate the ones you did. Challenge yourself and make small, achievable, and realistic goals. Slowly work towards it and reward yourself for any progress you make. Reward could be anything such as a chocolate bar, an ice cream, or even a music CD. By doing so, you will tune a winning attitude in you, which is very essential to overcome any fear or phobia.

Focus on your health

Sedentary lifestyle can be unfavorable not only for your physical health but also for your emotional health. Low activity levels can leave you feeling fatigued and lethargic. Try to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Try to exercise daily, eat a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest. Include activities that interest you in your fitness program; such as swimming, gardening or cycling. You may also consider combining exercise with a social contact; join a gym or a walking group. This will ensure a sense of over-all well-being. And as a consequence, you will feel more energetic to deal with agoraphobia.

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