How to deal with a narcissistic boss

All of us come across a boss with all the characteristics of a classic narcissistic in our life. Initially, he/ she appear to be a personality with strength, charisma and special ability to leave people impressed. But eventually you come to learn that he is a person urging for power, recognition, and adoration. Traits like loyalty, gratitude, and empathy do not exist for him. Here are some ways that can help you deal with a narcissistic boss.

Understand and act smartly

Narcissistic people have a very high self esteem and they attach utmost importance to themselves. So it is imperative to understand their basic nature and act accordingly. A narcissistic boss may sound friendly and appear approachable, but deep within he is a hard nut to crack. When it will come to his interest and concerns, he can act in a very sensitive manner. Make sure you do nothing to hurt his self esteem. If he gives you a work, complete it in the first go. However, if due to some unavoidable circumstances you are not able to do so, make sure they are informed. Communicate with them in a respectful, polite and most importantly professional manner.

Mark him on your top priority list

A narcissistic boss may felt insulted if the work assigned by him is not taken seriously and completed on time. Pay attention to the details communicated by him and work accordingly. Take his approval wherever necessary for its best not to give him a chance to blast you. Make sure that your work is free from any errors. If he point out some mistakes in your work, don’t try to cover up the mistakes and accept your fault whilst showing readiness to make amends. Asking for suggestion will make him feel important which will surely work in your favor. Moreover, he himself will get involved in the project and you can finish it faster as taking approvals becomes relatively easy. Do not forget to praise him whenever he helps you.

Keep track of conversations

Narcissistic bosses have a habit of denying a conversation and acting stubborn whenever things go otherwise. Keep record of every single conversation you had with your boss so that you can have a backup at unfavorable times. However, remain careful in your approach when you are defending yourself. It must not sound as if you are putting the blame on your boss. Make him understand your point in a tactful and diplomatic manner so that he is not embarrassed in front of others, thus, saving you from his rage in future. Keeping a proper record will also help you keep a track of all the work assigned by him and ensuring it is finished within the stipulated time frame.

Don’t make him your agony aunt

Do not mistake making him your agony aunt. One should try not to expose his emotional side in front of a narcissistic boss as it can put you in a bad light. In addition, it will also unveil the emotional and tender side of you, which he can exploit for his own benefit without hesitation. It is advisable to listen to hear his insults with confidence and grace. Take notice of what he says and complete the work accordingly. A narcissistic boss is very good in exploiting employees for his own interest, leaving you disappointed to realize that all this time he had been using you as a ladder to reach his goals. If situations are much worse and uncontrollable, then the best option will be to change the job. Not everywhere you are going to find people like him.

Maintain your personal freedom

If your boss is a narcissistic and still acts casually, it doesn’t mean that you can act the same in return. It is important to identity and maintains personal boundaries. Narcissistic people feel that others are just their extension and they have a belief of self-supremacy. A narcissistic boss will never hesitate calling you any time of the day for some work as he feels to have a complete control on you. You need to set your priorities and in times of disagreement you should explain him that your personal life is as important as your professional life. Do not blindly do whatever he says at the stake of some other critical responsibilities. If the situation is demanding, try working our some flexible timings and help. There are certain set of responsibilities every employee has to take care of, but your family and friends are equally important. If you do not act wisely, you may end up frustrated and even losing you job.

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