How to deal with addiction

Addiction makes a person completely dependent on something he has become addicted to. May it be the addiction to smoke or drink or an addiction to some drugs, the physical and mental health gets affected adversely. Here are some tips to deal with addiction. Are you contributing to the problem If there is a case of addiction in one’s family, it needs to be looked into on priority basis so that the affected person is bought back to life happily. It is a known fact that people use different addictions to escape their painful feelings which include but are not limited to stress, aloofness, anxiety and loneliness. While you might not be responsible for the way someone deals with his/her agony, you are definitely responsible for anything you are doing that may be contributing to it. You can be judgmental towards the addicted person so as to try and control their emotions which relate to addiction or various other behaviors. One can always take care of the addicted person by covering up for him/her or by simply doing something for the addicted person that he/she needs to do for himself/herself.

Accept your lack of control Addiction in any family becomes difficult for everyone present in the family, including the addicted person as well. One tries to do his best in order to rehabilitate the person suffering from addiction, however, there are times when each effort tends to fail. Regardless of the fact how one might be contributing towards the addiction issue, the choice of the person who is addicted to something is always his/her own choice and priority. If one does not accept the powerlessness over the behavior and choice of another person, it might lead to various detrimental issues. This would definitely not change the addicted person’s behavior or addiction but would make life more difficult for the person dealing with the addicted person. Therefore, accepting and understanding one’s lack of control over such issues is very important and helps in resolving issues slowly.

Don’t abandon yourself while dealing with addiction Usually, while focusing on the addicted person, one tends to forget himself and this turns into a more difficult situation. Therefore, one should look forward to various things like- if his entire focus is on the addicted person rather than his own needs and feelings, has he put himself really aside while dealing with the addiction issues of another person in the family and has he really abandoned himself while putting in concrete efforts to prevent the addicted person from abandoning and harming self. While focusing on the addicted person is really important, one should never forget himself in doing so and should definitely take proper care. If the person taking care of the addicted person is fit and fine, then only can his focus and ideas prove beneficial for the latter. Therefore, in order to do things differently and in a much result oriented manner one should also focus on his own feelings and responsibility for self. Introspect whether you feel angry, sad or anxious most of the times while dealing with addiction of another person in the family. If this is the case, you definitely require a lot of self attention and care.

Seek professional advice Professional and medical advice in such matters is a must and therefore one should never ignore this fact. Various rehabilitation centers and professionals dealing with addiction problems provide much necessary tips and advices. These should be followed religiously so as to achieve quick and maximum benefits while curbing the problem of addiction. Addiction is a disorder and it is to be understood that in order to free a person from this disorder one needs to seek medical and professional advice. There are various drugs, rather antidotes which help to deal with all the addiction issues. Rehabilitation centers provide lot of practices and exercises while dealing with the problem of addiction.

Have patience Lastly, one should never lose patience while dealing with the problem of addiction. Yes, it is definitely clear that the problem of addiction is not a small issue which can be dealt easily and overcome comfortably. However, one should hold on to his horses while dealing with addiction as it might sometimes look like a big nuisance and one usually tries to run away from the problem. But, running away from such situations definitely worsens the scenario. Face it, and face it bravely. The more you run away more difficult it would be to tackle addiction.

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