5 Questions that will awaken you to the realities of life

When you ask yourself the right questions, you make way to get eternal happiness. You get to know yourself better and form the basis of introspection. You become aware of your true self and live a happy and meaningful life with no regrets. Here is list of some such questions to awaken you to the reality of human life.

Who are you?

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You are not your name, thoughts, body or career. Who you really are when you look into the mirror, the person you see there cannot be you. Do you know your true self? What you are looking at is merely a reflection, not a true self. You are not the person who gets up early in the morning with millions of thoughts on his/her mind. You surely cannot be your thoughts that are not even consistent. When you analyze it, fake identities would fade away. In the end, what you are left with is your true real self that is selfless and pure. It does not hold a grudge against anyone. It knows no difference between pin and pleasure.

Are you your real self when others are around?

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Ask yourself whether you behave genuine and authentic in social situations. You really are your true self when you are alone but in social situations you behave like someone who you are not. You act different to get an approval from others. Is it important to get an approval? Don’t you love to be yourself even in presence of others? It is important that you accept yourself before seeking an acceptance from all others around you. If you really wish to get true acceptance, be yourself and stay like that.

Are you happy?

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Happiness is the ultimate goal of human life. Your happiness is your own responsibility. Create happy moments each day and each passing moment. Change your job if you are working for a rigid employer. Do not keep those friends in your life who do not love you for real. When you start you day with a motive to create happy moments, you give a direction to your life. There are no miracles, you do not get happy moments but you create them for yourself.

What is the purpose of your life?

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You would agree with the fact that your job or the work you do does not define you. You are in the world to do something that is above all this. You do not want to leave a legacy of failures for your younger generation. Find your passion in life that makes you feel complete and gives you an inner peace and satisfaction. Something that does not give your joy can never be your purpose to live day in day out. You can never reach your destination unless you know what is it that you wish to attain. Be clear about your goals. Do not lose sight of the fact that there is something that is much more important than making money and collecting worldly possessions.

How should you live?

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The acceptance of harsh realities of life brings out the real you outside. How would you live if you knew that this was your last day on the face of this earth? You would certainly not be worried about success or failure. You would try to live life to the fullest. You would not give shelter to ill feelings against anyone. You would certainly be kind and generous to all others around you. You would not leave a single opportunity to tell your loved ones that you love and admire them for being there for you. This is the ideal way to live your life. Acknowledge the fact and adopt it.

It is important that you do not get lost in the external world that motivates you to be a part of a cutthroat competition. You get eternal happiness when you come face to face with the realities of life that is far beyond success or failure in life.

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