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Mind and Wellbeing Tip – Deal With Your Stress

Do you know Stress is a “Silent Killer” and is closely linked with six leading killer diseases, namely, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, lung disorders, liver cirrhosis, and depression?
Stress kills brain cells and shrinks brain size.

The term “stress” is derived from the Latin word “Stringer” which means to ‘draw tight’.

You may not remain stress-free all the time, but do not allow it to overpower you.

The moment you feel the pressure, follow the 3 R’s of Reversing Stress – Recognize, Replace, and Relax
– Recognize stress points. Slow down, take proactive steps, improve your planning and time management.
– Replace your thoughts and actions. Consciously choose positive thoughts and constructive actions.
– Relax enough. Take frequent breaks from work, spend time outdoors, go for a walk, talk with friends, or enjoy a vacation.

Make dealing with stress a high priority activity. The more you are aware of it, the better you will be at dealing with it.

Visit – drprem.com for more information about Mind and Wellbeing. Like if you agree or share your ways of dealing with stress in the comments down below.

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Thanks Dr Prem for it
Great tips
Amazing steps to relieve stress , 3R`s
Very insightful
@avajames_12 Glad you liked it!
My way of reducing stress.. Enjoying some me time daily. I don’t set unrealistic targets for myself. I keep flowing in my daily activities.
@nandinimoulik that’s great👏
sometimes even I feel stressed out mostly in the weekends, and don’t get time to enjoy. How can I overcome it, please help
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