Sept 2023

Exploring Mauritius : Where Dream Meets Reality

Mauritius: Where Dreams Meet Reality Step into Mauritius, a realm where every nook whispers tales of ancient legends and nature’s…

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The Powerful Influence of AI on The Future Medical Tourism

When timely health decisions matter, complexities often loom large, especially, in medical tourism. Enter AI, the transformative agent to remove…

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Dr Prem’s Insights into Mastering The Startup Journey – From Ground Zero to Super Hero

Often, the most daunting step is the first one. It’s the journey from 0 to 1, not from 10 to…

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The Roadmap to Medical Tourism Startup – Insights by Dr Prem

In the realm of medical tourism, wellness tourism and healthcare industry, crafting a well-structured roadmap is akin to charting a…

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