Feb 2018

Warning Signs Of A Heart Attack

Friends, please save this infographic about Heart Attack in your mobile and share with all friends and family members in…

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Happy Birthday My Hero Naman

It was Naman’s (my son) birthday yesterday so I decided to take one full day off and spend entire day…

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The Types Of Intelligence By Mark Vital

Intelligence comes in different form. The key to success is to find your one. School education will not help you…

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Deliver Keynote On Latest Technology Development For Faculty and Students Of NMIMS

Was honoured to deliver keynote on Latest Technology Development for faculty and students of NMIMS during a healthcare conference. I…

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Greatness Quotes From Carve Your Life

Greatness Quotes From Carve Your Life “Just believe in who you are, you will be on journey to greatness.” –…

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Mesmerizing Mountains and Gigantic The Mediterranean Sea, Picturesque Slovenia

Nestled between the mesmerizing mountains and gigantic the Mediterranean Sea, picturesque Slovenia is blessed with spectacular landscapes, Lake bled has…

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