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Social Wellbeing and Intellectual Wellness

Social connections are necessary for your mental wellbeing. If you think, you are self sufficient and can do well without social ties, here are some eye-opening facts:

– Social isolation is twice as lethal as obesity.

– Emotional isolation can be as risky as smoking.

– Loneliness can increase the risk of dementia by 64%

– Lonely brain is restless, always keeps you on toes and adds to your mental stress.

– Social isolation creates hunger. If prolonged it leads to emotional starvation or craving.

– Do you know social connections make up the balanced diet that your mind needs? They form a part of your identity and teach you survival and coping skills continuously.

Here are some good news
Individuals with stronger social connections have 50% higher chances of survival.

Sharing reduces the risk of suicide.
Social connections make you feel belonged to.

While among people, your mind faces cross reflection of thoughts that make you feel and think differently.

You start sharing that offloads your emotional burden. You learn nurturing and caring for self and others. Strangers also turn friends for you. Your mind gets space to cultivate creativity.

It is easy to make friends. Just build the intent and make yourself available. Stop glorifying Going Alone.

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Social well-being helps to boost mental health
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Making social connections is really not tough. One must take initiative to break the ice.
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Explanation is so perfect
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Very good information shared by you 👏👏
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Very beautiful message shared by you. Love it🙌❤️❤️
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