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Evaluate Zacs Valley Resort Property in KodaiKanal, Tamilnadu

Do you wish to know why I decided for Workation?

A fast-paced life means full of overwhelming moments and a higher probability of burnouts. You see challenge all around and not a single moment of respite. Reverse the practice and watch how your focus and productivity shoot up.
Slowing down does not mean postponing important tasks that will drive your organization’s growth. It also does not mean waiting for a last-minute call.
Slowing down means making conscious choices of your activities allowing more time. More time for yourself as well as more time to help you take those decisive actions of life. Ground yourself to roots or bathe in abundance of nature but ensure that you put your own wellbeing on top of everything else.
I got an opportunity to evaluate Zacs Valley Resort Property based in KodaiKanal, Tamilnadu, a mesmerising place in southern part of India. I am here to work and combined with vacation, so now we call it WORKATION.
I shared a google review about Zacs Valley, and here is what I wrote – Heaven on Earth. Visited this resort to evaluate its potential as a Wellness Resort and was mesmerised by its abundance nature, wholesome pleasant experience, courteous services and joyful atmosphere. The place has massive potential for becoming the wellness destination of the region, and I strongly recommend you all to experience as a guest or invest in the resorts upcoming villa projects.
My friends and colleagues, let’s go for workation together what you say. Let me know.


DrCatherine Demetriades – It’s time for us to talk I have the perfect thing to add to this.

Nandini Naharoy Moulik

It would be a great experience of work cation outing. Lovely ambience .

Alina Deaconu

Dreamy! 🥰

Malou Castillo

so beautiful. place

Shamila B

Is this a friendly reminder from you to us travel while you work tirelessly?😀

Elie Moarbes

Ready my friend

Shailesh Patil

Such a raw beauty!! Breathtaking views! Definitely wooww!

Oksana Svetenko

I am in!!!!

Saif A

Amazing resorts

Vinit Shinde

Very very nice place
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