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What to do when every step of your relationship demands sacrifice

relationship demands sacrifice

Relationships are strange and something that is even more difficult is relationships that are too demanding. It is true that the sacrifices you make to support your relationships are important but truly said that excess of anything is bad. If you are stuck in a relationship, where you find yourself making sacrifices at almost each step it gets difficult to move on.

Does your partner make a sacrifice?

If both the partners make sacrifices in a relationship, things can never go wrong. However, you must ask yourself whether your partner make some sacrifices for your sake or for the sake of your relationship.

If the answer is no, it’s high time you talk to your partner and discuss things openly. Would he/she put his career at stake for the sake of living with you in the same city? Would your partner let you use his/her investments to start a new business? Questions like these can help you make up your mind and take action accordingly.

How does he/she describe you sacrifice?

Something that is a sacrifice for you can be a part of being in a relationship for your partner. If it is so, then you must make your partner realize that he/she has never made such a sacrifice for your sake.

If he/she fails to understand then make sure, you always keep him/her informed that you have gone an extra mile to save your relationship. It is always good if both partners make it a point to say thanks to each other every time the other one makes a sacrifice. One word can change the way you and your partner look at things.

Find a midway

One of the best solutions is that both the partners sit and discuss things to find a mid way that does not require any one them to make sacrifice. The problem occurs when couples instead of discussing the possibilities start assuming things that create problems for both of them.

It is not necessary that one of you makes a sacrifice when there can be a better solution. Things like deciding a place for family picnic or buying a new house should not be issues where one of you has to make a sacrifice.

Develop a broader perspective

Most of the time problems occur when partner fail to acknowledge the fact that it is important to make sacrifices sometimes. Start looking at your life from a different angle. If you have made many sacrifices for the sake of your partner or your relationships, your partner would realize it eventually. Talk to your partner not to make his/her feel bad or guilty but to clear the air.

Hope for a change

Things may be bad now but who says time remains the same. There are individual differences. You cannot expect your partner to be just like you. Some people need time to understand things that are easier to understand for many others. Meanwhile, be yourself and try your level best to take your relationship in the right direction come what may.


Do not feel bad or keep things to yourself since psychologists believe that if you do not let your frustration come out, it eventually turns into a volcano and destroys the beautiful relationship. Research says that communication helps you get rid of the ill feelings or guilt and keeps you from holding a grudge against your partner. Even if it does not lead you to a solution, sharing your feelings with your partner helps you ease the pain.

There are times when one of the partners feels that he/she always takes an initiative when it comes to making a sacrifice. In such a situation, you must let your partner know how you feel and try to find a midway that does not require either one to make a sacrifice.

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