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Truth: 6 Easy Ways To Practice Radical Honesty In Life And Work

Truth: 6 Easy Ways To Practice Radical Honesty In Life And Work

The Truth: The Benefits Of Practicing Radical Honesty

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Lets be honest, the truth hurts. Telling the truth can scare and intimidate some people, and their day-to-day interactions are littered with moments of pure dishonesty. Maintaining those lies becomes a mental burden and it takes a toll on all the other areas of a person’s life.

The beauty of truth is in its simplicity and the ease with which it flows. You are not constantly juggling to continue the lies, and on a short fuse to keep up the fake persona which you have created. To practice radical honesty in all of our daily interactions would be unrealistic. You would not be able to function efficiently in society if you were to be radically honest with everyone, but in your close and important relationships, the truth can never let you down. But if you’re going to be candid, remember this quote:

“If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully.” – Khalil Gibran

In his book, Radical Honesty, Brad Blanton gives a brash, confident, strong, results-oriented, opinionated, simple, and straightforward explanation of what Radical Honesty means and how you can live a life based purely around the truth.

We wanted to give you a basic understanding of Radical Honesty, and the ideas it covers.

Below is a list of 6 ways you can practice radical honesty today!

6 Ways To Be Radically Honest 

1. Experience Your Emotions

Those who come from a sales background like myself, are constantly reminded and taught to be in control of their emotions. This absolute essential skill is sometimes mis-taught, and it can cause people to suppress their true emotions instead. Being in control of your emotions is less about suppressing your emotions, and more about experiencing them for what they are when they occur. Our emotions teach us lessons, and the negative emotions teach us the most.

A negative feeling should be experienced as it happens, and you should take the time to understand exactly why it has made you feel this way. Is it a logical reason, or is it something that can be avoided next time? Does it have a long-term benefit for me or am I better off cutting it out of my life? Was I to blame for this? This is when radical honesty comes in. If you can hold yourself accountable for your mistakes, you are being radically honest with yourself.

This thought process can help you cut many of the things that make you feel negative unnecessarily. Instead of removing everything that you feel is negative, use them as an opportunity to learn from and rise above them. Experience your emotions fully and learn the lessons they are supposed to teach you. This authentic experience of your emotions will allow you to live a healthier and more truthful life because you are not struggling to keep up with lies and spinning your tires aimlessly. Your close relationships will benefit because your emotions won’t dictate your decisions, but the thought process following them and the lessons learned will.

2. Work As Hard As You Know You Can

If you have a boss or a manager, or you have had one in the past, you know that there is always more work that could be done and you are never working hard enough.

If you have picked a career and at this moment you feel that this is the right path for you, it’s up to you to give this role the best effort you can. If you were to view your career choice more like how a master chooses his art, it is up to you to create the best art you can. By working as hard as you know you can and pushing yourself to the point where you have to acquire new skills to get the work done, you can say you are being honest with yourself in your work. Truth in your career is essential. Many people go months if not years without taking any time to consider their career choices. They make excuses and blame others, when instead they have to be honest with themselves and work as hard as they know they can. This way of working will make sure you are as successful as you want to be because you are in control of how honest you are with yourself and how hard you work. You can not blame anyone else for lacking in those areas.

3. Practice Beautiful Honesty

If you ask a broad range of people whether they would like a passive aggressive suggestion as opposed to a radically honest opinion, most would choose the honest approach. But in life, people can not handle radical honesty. It is not your prerogative to inflict pain or negativity on anyone because you feel the need to practice radical honesty, it IS your duty to practice beautiful honesty. This form of honesty strives to get the point across without causing the other person any pain. The truth can hurt, and practicing beautiful honesty means that everyone finds the experience helpful, even those who are deemed to be “in the wrong”.

4. Use The “Loved One” Test

In work and in life, you come across a variety of people. In your day-to-day interactions, there are moments in which decision we make has an affect on someone else’s life. For example, Real Estate agents are relied upon to give honest advice about the properties they sell, and if the information they gave wasn’t honest, people can end up losing a lot of money. To practice radical honesty in our professional lives, we have to place our most dear loved ones in the shoes of the person who is receiving our advice. If the advice you give to a random stranger is the same as advice you would give your loved one, you are practicing radical honesty. Using this method will make it easier to use the truth to build an incredible professional relationship that people can rely on.

5. Expect The Same From Others

When you are practicing radical honesty, you will experience certain moments that strain your commitment. You will think about lying and at certain moments, you may even lie a little. These lies are still dishonest, no matter how small, but they must be taken in context. Being truthful can be tough at times, especially when you are surrounded by dishonesty, but it is in those moments that you need to be the most honest. Others will also lie in moments of weakness, but this does not tarnish them forever and neither does it tarnish you. Keep on your truth crusade and expect the same from other people.

6. Take Care Of Yourself

Many of the people who go to therapists or physicians seeking relief are tired. They are tired from having worked out their lives in such a way that they get worn out instead of recharged by living. When someone like this takes responsibility for exercise, nutrition, and rest, a number of their “psychological” problems disappear. The human body has a wonderful capacity to restore itself it is given a break from abuse and a chance to rest.

Wellness is a natural state of being for people who have learned how to get out of their own way. Many of the stresses and strains of life that cause us to lie can be alleviated by having a fit and healthy body.


Being truthful in all of our thoughts, words and actions, is the only way to be truly happy and successful. By practicing being brutally honest with yourself and others around you, the experiences in your life will become richer and the lessons you learn will help you overcome your current challenges.

By working as hard as you know you can, you will be constantly improving. By practicing beautiful honesty, you give yourself the chance to be honest and respectful at the same time. Treat those who rely in you like you would treat a close relative or loved one, and expect nothing but the truth from the people you keep close. Get enough rest and eat healthy, because the human body has a wonderful capacity to restore.

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