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Destiny? Do you believe in it? Everyone has their own destinies. Some create one for themselves while some follow the path laid down by the divine. However, is destiny really written by the divine or it is you who, writes it? Well, the divine resides within you. Yes, he is the guiding factor. There is no difference between what you want and what he wants from you. You ought to go ahead and grab it with the faith that the divine will help you get it. You can do everything you want in order to achieve your destiny. The path will be laid down before you by the divine itself. Yes, there will be obstacles and it is he who will help you fight those obstacles. You have to walk the path because if you don’t someone else will make you walk on another path which isn’t meant for you. Know what you are doing and be in control of it. There is a voice inside you; this is the voice of the divine. Listen to this voice and follow it. Do not let anyone else deter you from following this voice. You know that you will and you can.


Follow your Heart

If you are in control of what you are doing, you will soon end up defining your destiny. Thus, be your own boss and don’t let anyone tell you what to do and where to go. For, you don’t want to be suffocated by doing everything according to someone else’s will. Do what you like and follow what you want. Be an independent individual and don’t follow any and everyone’s advice unless you feel like doing it. Yes, the other person may be right but all of us have a thing called intuition. If you don’t get an intuition that you ought to follow the advice then don’t. Yes, it is as simple as that, just don’t do it. An entire book has been written on how you ought to control your own destiny before someone else does which is written by Jack Welch. If this write-up doesn’t help you, maybe a look into the book will. You will know how not to be stuck in the same rut and how to work your way up ahead. You know your premises, you know what your calling is, and all you need to do is, follow it with all the gusto. You will soon reach the heights that you desire.

Confidence is the Key

For, if you don’t have the confidence, no amount of reading any book or looking into any kind of article is going to help you. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself. Don’t rely on anyone else for things like these. These are some things that belong to the inner being of you. Inflate them. Use them to walk your way ahead. It is your life and you and only you have the right to it and no one else does. Do not let anyone take control of your life. Snap back if someone tries to. It is your life and not theirs. Let them know and very clearly too. Let this message spread to all areas of your life. No matter, if it is your personal life or your professional one. It is you who will decide everything about it. Thus, don’t let anyone come in and dictate the rules of your life. The other person might not be directing you on the right path. You don’t want others to tell you what your next course of action should be, do you? Therefore, do the right thing but do what you think is the right thing and not what everyone else is telling you is.

Chalk Out your Path

However, in order to follow your inner voice, you need to be able to hear it clearly. Therefore, first have a conversation with yourself and see what it is that you really want. You need to be extremely clear about what your goals are. For, in order to work towards the goals, it is important to know the goals. Therefore, know all your goals well. Once you have known your goals analyse them in an objective manner and see what is required in order to achieve them. Map your way towards the goals so that you can reach them without a lot of hassle. You need to know your purpose for reaching the goal as well. For, you will be lost upon reaching the goal if you do not know your objective. Be wary of this. Thus, set up a purposeful pathway for yourself and let the divine guide you towards the end. Remember, don’t let anyone except the divine show you the way. It is your objective, your goal and your purpose. Therefore, it is you who will achieve this by your own merit.

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