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Things that differentiate casual dating from dating for marriage

dating for marriage

So, you are dating. Do you know what scale your dating belongs to? Well, to put in a much simpler form, can you differentiate whether yours is a casual dating or it has something to do with a long term, committed relationship that might turn into wedlock? These days we often hear people saying that they are dating but it is just a casual one.

On the other hand, many say that they are into a highly committed relationship. The question that might come in your mind is that what is it that differentiates both the types of dating and how one comes to know what dating type they belong to. There is a simple yet very tricky answer to this question, which many couple find hard to understand.

There is a thin line between these two types of dating, love and care comes in both types. Usually, it is casual dating when the couple are going out together, but are not inherently interested in serious commitment. The serious dating or a committed dating is the one wherein both the partners are attached to each other with a string of love, care, support, appreciation, respect, and a long term commitment. This string happens to be absent in casual dating, and probably this is why such relationships are better known as no strings attached.

If you really want to find out the possibility of your relationship turning into a long term relation or marriage then scroll through to find out the qualities of a committed relationship, which you would not find in casual dating:

Emotional and Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy today is a part of both the serious and a casual dating but with a lot of difference. In a casual relationship, partners indulge in sexual pleasure and might have a non-exclusive relationship where one or both partners also see other people. On the other hand, when one is in a serious relationship, one is not supposed to get intimate with every other woman or a man because it is cheating.

A serious relationship is based on immense trust and faith, which is not meant to be broken. Both the partners respect each other’s trust and try not to break it, come what may. The same goes for emotional intimacy as well. It is a trust between partners that makes them shares the darkest truths of one’s life with their partner, and their partner is not supposed to leak those secrets out in any case. If you think your partner has these qualities then kudos, you are blessed with a committed partner who is ready to be with you for lifetime without breaking your trust and faith.

You only date a single partner

When you are in a serious relationship, you date only one person that is your beloved, whom you truly love. In casual dating, you can simultaneously date other people as well. Sometimes in casual dating, one partner gets serious while the other continues to practice multiple dating and the one who gets serious suffers heartbreak. If you think and believe you and your partner need nobody else but each other to spend all the time with, and your commitment for each other is really strong, you can confidently make the next move, which is to get married or get engaged and stuff.

Seriousness is the key factor

Seriousness is the main factor that differentiates a casual relationship from a committed one. If you feel you and your partner are serious for each other, give each other ample time, care for each other’s feelings, you empathize with each other, and you feel you both can easily and would love to spend entire lifetime with each other, then yours is a committed relationship.


There are some factors and qualities that enable a person make out the actual status of their love relationship, whether it is a committed and a serious dating, or just a casual dating.

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