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The day that changed his life forever

Boy reading a book

It is a story of a poor boy David whose parents worked hard to get him educated. He was an average student but wanted to give a good life to his parents. He had seen people insulting his parents since they were poor and could hardly manage to make two ends meet.

David was poor but most of his friends had rich parents. Their parents would scold them for playing with David and insult David in front of them. One day, David went to his best friend’s house, as it was his birthday. He did not have anything to give him as a birthday gift so he made a greeting card on a piece of paper to gift his friend. The moment he stepped into his friend’s house, he was astonished, as he has never seen such a big house. His best friend came running towards him and asked him to sit next to him. David has never seen such a big house from inside. He was feeling a bit uncomfortable because of his attire and was trying hard to hide the greeting card, which he had brought for the birthday boy.


He had just started enjoying himself when someone dragged him with his collar. David could hardly understand anything when he saw the father of his friend who started scolding him at once. He said, “How dare you come here?  Your father sells vegetables and you would do the same when you will grow up. You could never come up to our level even if you try hard. Get out of my house.”

The boy started crying and went back home. He did not tell his parents anything about the incidence, as he did not want them to feel bad but he could not sleep the whole night. He had something going on in his mind, something that has changed him as a person. The next day when his mother went to wake him up to get ready for school, she found that he had already gone to school.

Boy reading a book

David started studying hard from that day onwards. He would sit alone and study in a corner of his small house with cotton stuffed into his ears since he lived in a noisy neighborhood. His parents were surprised and happy as they always wanted their son to study hard but could never motivate him to do so. Even at nighttime, the boy would sit under street lights and study until dawn. His teachers and parents got a little worried about his health, as he would never smile as if he had something to prove.

When the result came out, David got the first position in his class. The school principal gave him a medal in front of all the parents. The father of his best friend was sitting in the front row and staring at him constantly. This worked as fuel in fire and the boy got a hang of success.

Years later, David’s father had to sell his shop to send him to college but he knew that his son would never let him down. David started studying to be a doctor and put in his best efforts. He would study eighteen hours a day and helped his father who was selling vegetables door to door. He even came across his best friend’s father who had once said that he would sell vegetables like his father but that did not change anything.

became a doctor

Finally, his hard work and the good wishes of his poor parents turned his dream into reality. He became a doctor and made his parents proud. His friend’s father came to his house and appreciated him. He felt bad for insulting him and using harsh language.

The boy knew that his hard work could get him the respect he deserved. He never let anything come between him and his dream.

It is your hard work and the strong determinations that help you achieve anything in life. When you want something badly you cannot afford to take it easy or give up no matter what.

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