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The baggage we carry along with us

Buddhist monks

Once upon a time two Buddhist monks were going somewhere. The master was really wise and smart. His follower who always used to walk behind used to observe the behavior of his master to know what made him great. One day when they came across a muddy road, they saw a beautiful girl standing there. She was wearing high heels and a red dress. She was unable to cross the road, as she did not want her clothes to get muddy. She stood there trying to figure out the way to cross the road. The monks looked at her and took no time to understand the situation.

hardly understand

All of a sudden, the master went towards the girl and picked her up. The follower could hardly understand anything when he saw his master picking up the girl and leaving her on the other side of the road. The girl thanked the monk and went away.

The follower had learnt that monks lived a sacred life that had no place for worldly stuff. He was not able to sleep and ate less after the incidence. His master was observing all this. One week went by but the follower could not make up his mind whether to ask this to his master or not.

One day when both monks decided to take some rest for a while, the master asked the follower, “Are you all right?”

The follower replied, “Actually no, master.”

The master looked at him and gave him nod. It was an indication that he must clear his doubts.

The follower said, “Master, I have a question on my mind.”

The master gave him his permission to ask the question.

Two monks meet and salute in a buddhist monastery, Asia

The follower said, “Something that keeps bothering me is that incidence when you picked up that girl and left her on the other side of the road. Why am I not able to move ahead?”

“The reason is that I picked her up and left her on the other side of the road but you are still carrying her,” the master replied.

It happens with all of us at a point of time. We often carry all our baggage of responsibilities and worry along with us, something that makes our journey even more difficult. Live in the present and celebrate life. It’s all here and now.

That incidence gave an important lesson to the follower who was still living with his past regrets.

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