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Tell tale signs of an abusive man in a relationship

abusive man in a relationship

Domestic violence is not the only type of abuse, as there are other forms of abuse like emotional abuse and verbal abuse,that ruin love relationships. The best way is to know the obvious red flags and avoid falling into an abusive relationship.

Most abusers are adept at hiding their abusive tendencies at the start, which only surface later when it gets harder for a woman to leave a relationship. Following is a list of attitudes and behaviors that in most cases are telltale signs that a man can be abusive sooner or later:

He tries to control you

One early sign that indicates a partner might transform into an abuser is the constant urge to control his partner for everything. He wants to have control over her everything ranging from finances, friends, calls, meetings and even the clothes she puts on.

Such individuals need to learn that loving someone is all about making them happy, letting them live the way they want to and not to restrict their freedom and curtail their happiness. If you let them control you from the very start, you never know a day comes when even your slightest disapproval of their control infuriates them so much that they turn abusive.

A Blamer

Right now, you feel good when your partner talks bad about his ex and says all good things about you. He says you are the best, caring, loving and understanding unlike his ex, who was a wicked woman. If you are in a relationship with such a blamer, it is time you stop and think. Is he that good that all the faults were there in his ex and he was all innocent and decent? No, this cannot be true as no one is perfect in this entire universe.

There is certainly something wrong with him, which he is trying to hide by blaming others. God forbid but who knows in some time he starts blaming you for everything and crying out loud and doing everything, including abusing you, just to prove himself right.

He is a rusher

In the initial stages of a relationship, everything seems fine, including if a guy is a rusher. However, with the passage of time, guys who do not respect boundaries and go too fast become a problem. They do things, most of which make you uncomfortable. Therefore, ensure that you do not end up with a rusher, rather with a sensible guy who respects you and your comfort level in the best ways possible.

Too sweet & too hurting

At times, he is so sweet and loving that you feel you couldn’t have got anyone better than him. Then there are times when he is so bad, he puts you down, isolates you, makes you feel guilty and what not, that you feel it is a sin to be with him. Then again, the good times come following the bad times and like.

This means you are stuck with a man who gives you the best of both extremes, which turns out to be a detrimental and leads to an emotionally disturbing relationship. Do not let the cycle continue and do not go through that mental torture, rather try to get out of it as soon as you experience the best of both, the good and bad, the very first time.

He claims an exclusive right on you

He will start it by asking you about all your male friends and then making you stop talking to them. Such a man soon starts making her woman feel guilty of spending time even with her family and her best friends. Calling and texting several times a day, verbally abusing for not answering even his single call, accusing of flirting and cheating and then claiming to love her like anything. He gives just one excuse for all his bad behavior every time that he loves her invariably.

Abusers are not their real self at the start of a relationship, making it quite easy for poor women to fall in their trap. It is of paramount importance for women to know the telltale signs of such men, so that they could prevent themselves in falling in love and later on repenting being in a relationship with such abusers.

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