How to tell your Kids that you are dating someone?

Dating isn’t as much fun once it gets into the serious stages. It involves a whole lot of people and not just the 2 people who are dating each other. Things get very tricky and it isn’t fun anymore. However, the worst thing when seeing someone is, telling your kids that you are seeing someone. This is a very hard thing to achieve. However, some things have to be done, no matter what. Hence, if you have kids from your previous partner and are dating someone anew, it is very hard to break the news to the kids. Since, you have to do it, no matter what, here are a few tips that will help you get through –

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Don’t Jump to it

Yes, you have to tell them but you don’t have to give them the shock of their life. It is as much difficult for them to accept this, as it is hard for you to break it to them. Hence, first sit them down, relax, have a normal conversation about the topic and see how they react to it. It will give you a fair idea of how receptive they are going to be.

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Plan an Outing

It is a good idea to take them out for a lunch or a dinner in a nice restaurant where you can break it to them. Take your date with you if need be. You can also take them on a picnic or a trek where the atmosphere is a little warmer. The key is to make them feel comfortable so that they can gradually come around the idea of you dating someone else.

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Ask you Date to Spend Time with them

It is a nice idea to get your date and your kids to get to know each other. Hence, invite your date over to the house or leave your kids at theirs for some time and see how it goes. If they like each other, you can hope for a positive response from your kids.

At the same time, you have to understand their position. You cannot force them to accept your partner as their parent. They are obviously not going to like it. They have grown accustomed to a certain atmosphere at home and this new addition will take a little while to settle down for them. All the best for the herculean task lying ahead of you.

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