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Subtle body language signs that humans use while flirting

body language signs that humans use while flirting

Nowadays, it’s hard to tell if someone is interested in you or checking you out. People just don’t come up and say it to your face or they don’t pass folded notes asking if you like them back or not. However, you can predict if the other person is interested in you by using the little signs they leave behind through their body language and the way they speak to you. Studies show that 55% of the people flirt through their body language while 38% through the tone and speed and 7% through the way they converse. So let’s see how men and women both use their body language to flirt.

How women use their body language to flirt?

Words are not required when the women chooses the one she loves. She will just drop out simple realistic signs for the man she is in love with.

The come-hither look

If she is interested in you, she will give a come-hither look by shooting an unmistakable alluring glance.

The Fingers shall do the talking

She will definitely twirl the pen or circle the rim of the glass. Or she will lightly massage her neck or shoulder or squeeze or touch a man’s hand.

The hair trick

Any woman who is trying to flirt with you will play with her hair, tuck it behind her ear or whip the strands of her hair in circular motion.

That smile

If the woman, keeps giving you that perfect flawless smile, it’s most likely that she is trying to flirt with you.

How men use body language to flirt?

Women are not the only one who’s pro in this business called flirting. Men also know their way to light that spark so let’s see how.

I like you so I am going to not so accidently bump in you

This is one of the most used tricks by men. If they see the woman they are interested in, they will try to accidently bump into her in order to get her attention.

Closely listening to the conversation

If he is interested in you, he will most likely move his chair closer to you in order to listen to your conversation. He will try to get as close as possible.

An excuse to touch

He will find an old excuse to touch her arm, neck or hand. This will definitely explain if he is flirting with your or not, so keep an eye out for these signs.

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