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Skills that help stop a fight in love before it starts


Be it a small fight in a relationship or a war between two nations, both have almost the same reason that gives it a start. A war starts between two nations when one of them tries to impose its will on another. When one nation feels that, the other nation is trying to get its way and is dictating a law then the conflict starts, which eventually leads to a war. Similar is the case of love relationships. When a person feels that his partner is taking him for granted and is trying to impose her will on him, he starts feeling agitated and frustrated, which comes out in the form of small fights.

If this situation continues, the person starts feeling that his partner is more like a dictator who keeps dictating rules and laws all the time. All this happening disturbs the other partner and he starts finding his relationship to be disgusting and then a couple starts bickering that sometimes leads to major fights as well. There is a dire need for both the partners to understand the side effects of fighting so that they ensure to refrain from fights, even the smallest of them. It requires mutual efforts of both the partners that help them to stay calm and loving towards each other. A couple needs to learn all tactics and skills that teach a couple to stop a fight even before it actually starts. Following are the skills and tactics that you must get the hang of to make your relationship an evergreen and a happy one:

Resolve potential issues

Sometimes one partner or the other in a relationship lets things simmer and one fine day takes out all that is not at all conducive for a healthy relationship. They let things grow, let their feelings become worse and then let them out on their partner, which takes form of an ear-blistering fight. To escape this hard situation, both the partners must talk to each other and ask each other about reasons that are bothering them. Both should be observant about each other’s behavior and especially the irregularity in behavior so that they can bring things under control much before they actually take a deadly form.

Diplomacy can be good

They say that diplomacy is not good but sometimes being diplomatic in a relationship is good, as it enables you to keep you and your partner happy. You have to understand that your partner is not your enemy and there is no way that she is your contender. In fact, both the partners in a relationship are like two pillars, any less support and contribution from one partner can break a relationship. Even when your partner sometimes complains or tries to impose their will on you, simply take it in a good way, because in the end one thing that you both desire for is a happy and a healthy relationship.

Compromise is good but too much is bad

If you think compromise is the best and ideal way to make your partner happy, you are wrong. Women do not like men who do not stand up for themselves and leave everything on them to do. For instance, while planning about vacations, you leave the choice of place completely on your wife. Doing so would make her feel as if you are not interested and this is why you have no idea to offer. Therefore, initially express your desire as well, and then if you think that taking your wife to a place of her choice would be better, then go for it.


To stop a fight before it starts is a key to a happy and a contented relationship of a couple. Both the partners in a relationship must know how to do this if they want a happy and a long relationship.

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