How serious can the impact of age difference be in a relationship?

impact of age difference be in a relationship

One of the most touted topics regarding love relationships is the age gap or difference of age between two partners. Some say it does affect a relationship, while others believe that there is no such difference like the age difference, which comes in the way of love relationships. The ones who favor the age difference in relationships say that it is a good thing, as the younger partner gets to learn so much from the elder partner.

On the other hand are the people who are against this notion and believe that the age difference in a relationship only results in emotional hang-ups. Well, there is no clear solution to this argument, and all that can be said is that if both the partners love each other and respect each other, then no matter how big the age difference is, it can never affect the relationship of a couple, and vice versa. Following are some points that would make this well touted discussion clear:

Opposites attract

We all have heard in the context of love relationships that opposites attract. Well, if this saying is true then how it can go wrong in the case wherein there is remarkable age difference between a couple. In fact, the age difference would work in favor of both the partners, as owing to the big age difference they both must be very different in many behavioral and other aspects.

It is seen that the love is even greater and more intense between partners who have a considerable difference of age. The younger partner takes all inspiration and guidance from the partner who is elder in age and in life experience as well. Where there is extreme love and understanding between partners, they always manage to get along well and try to land at same page regardless of the age difference. When the elder partner tries to match the youngness of the younger couple, it is all good because doing so makes the older partner also feel youthful.

As they say, everything has its fair share of good and bad, the same goes for this case as well. In majority of the cases the opposites attract seems to be true but when there is a major age difference between a couple there might arise some problems as well. Like the younger partner has a bubbly nature and likes to have fun, whereas the older partner is of reserved nature and does not like much the childlike nature of the partner, and always keep telling them to grow up and behave maturely.

The role of 


If there is tremendous understanding and tolerance between the partners, no matter how big the age difference between them is, nothing can come in between. The age difference between two partners in a relationship means they might have had different role models and the circumstances that have shaped them. For instance, around ten to twenty years ago the husband used to have duties to perform outside home, whereas the women were supposed to look after the babies, family members and the home. However, today both the men and women share the responsibilities, as in the women take care of the household and outside, and men cooperate in the household chores.

Domination and submission

People usually feel that there are great issues and conflicts between partners who have a major age gap. The major conflict is the domination and submission, as some older partners think they are the ones who are always right and they can dominate every decision in a relationship. On the other hand, some older partners think that there is no need to dominate their younger partner and they walk hand in hand.


Weather age difference affect a relationship or not is a controversial topic, as the solution is both positive and negative. Age difference is no problem between partners if they have solid love and understanding, whereas it is a problem if the partners do not understand and respect each other well.

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