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Self-love is more important than you think

Self-love is more important than you think

Self love a very common and a useful term that we humans often use and hear almost every day. To be very honest, this term is common but not many people actually understand it in its deeper sense, and therefore do not apply this wondrous formula in their lives.

Never underestimate the importance of self-love

We often hear people say that it is of paramount importance to love yourself in life, love yourself so much that no one other loves you that much. When people complain that other people do not respect and love them the way they want to be loved, the only advice that such people get most of the times that they must start loving themselves first, and the rest would follow.

All such self-love directives make some people wonder that what actually self-love is and how it makes our lives blissful. That is why we’re going to talk about the wonder drug – self-love. Self-love is a part of your personality that influences a number of events happen to you in your life. Be it the person whom you chose as your life partner, a job, or the ways to cope with life problems, self-love influences all your choices. This is why one should know the ways one could enhance or bring lot more self-love in life.

Finding your path to self-love

Many people believe that they can get enough amount of self-love by mere reading inspirational stuff, well we cannot deny this but it is not the only thing to attain it. Inspirational books do make one feel good but self-love is much more than just a feel good effect is. One attains the wondrous self-love more when one appreciates one’s own actions and the ways of life. Appreciation means to accept one’s faults and the goodness equally. If you are convinced, you can follow these following approaches to enhance and grow self-love in your personality:

Be mindful

By mindful we mean, you should know pretty well, what you want from your life, and what you feel. If you are mindful, you will have confidence and behave to achieve what they want, and not what others want out of them.

Protect yourself

You require to protect yourself from the bad people, as in some friends and colleagues who take more pleasure when you get hurt than the times when you succeed or are happy. Such people come into our lives and make our life bad and depressed. Then we start blaming ourselves instead of loving ourselves. So, beware of such people in life and shun them from entering and disrupting our lives. Get rid of such people at once and do not ever blame yourself for making such people a part of your lives, but be attentive and guard yourself and your happiness.

Set boundaries

You need to set some boundaries regarding your actions and behavior. By this we mean, one should watch one’s behavior and act only in a way that does not hurt or harm oneself. Anything, be it work, love, relationship, or any other activity, it should never hurt your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. In case it does, it becomes super hard for a person to continue loving oneself and one falls prey to depression.

Learn to forgive yourself

Just as we say, forgiving others is important, it is equally important to forgive oneself as well. Sometimes, we human beings treat ourselves so hard that we are not ready to forgive ourselves on some mistakes we commit. We should realize that as humans by default, we tend to do mistakes, and this is fine.


Self-love is of paramount importance in our lives, as it makes our lives blissful and mitigates the miseries and sorrows in life.

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