How to deal with rude people at school

In today’s world, the quality of rudeness has become inherent in many people. For school students, dealing with rude people can be quite difficult, as school students are still in their formative years. Here we have given some ways to deal with rude people at school.

Be courteous and polite

The best way to save yourself from any heated argument is to look straight at the person who has just talked rudely to you and ask him or her to stop in a polite manner. You should also realize that sometimes a person might talk rudely to you because he or she is not feeling well.

When you are polite with rude people, it often catches them off guard and they come out of their shell of arrogance. In dealing with rude people, be genuine and compliment them. Complementing the person like praising them for their hairstyle, dress or good work, would surely help bring down the heat level.

Develop patience

Even if you do find someone talking rudely with you, do not let your anger have a free run. Instead be patient, express a little bit of understanding and talk in a soothing tone. In today’s world of competition, everyone experiences stress and strain. This stress and strain takes a toll and a person might behave rudely because of it. If you do see that the other person has had his or her share of troubles to see through recently, be kind and wait until the person calms down before continuing the discussion. Also, remember to always respond with a cool head.

Learn the art of forgiveness

You don’t have to take the abuses a person hurls at you in a personal way. Instead of thinking the rude behavior to be a scathing attack on your self prestige, understand that the person who is talking to you rudely might need some parental guidance on their own. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to forgive the person and move ahead. Don’t try to pacify yourself by being physical. It is more practical to remain at a comfortable distance with him/her and then making the person understand your point.

Give no response

When you do face someone behaving rudely to you in school, act cool, calm and patient. You must continue to do the work which you were doing without letting your focus diverge. Most of the times, it is seen that the person who is talking rudely with you, wants to get some reaction out of you. By remaining focused on your work and dealing with him/her politely, you will save yourself from an unwanted argument which may turn violent.

Don’t be emotionally charged

When someone talks rudely to you, there is no point being emotionally hurt. You cannot afford to be sentimental at that point of time because that will only add fuel to the fire and worsen up the matter.

The only thing you have to do, is to maintain your cool and act with a calm head. If you turn emotional at that time, things will worsen up for you as the person talking rudely may turn more violent. This would eventually lead to worsening up of the matter. If you can avoid being emotional, then the situation might not go that far and be solved out right in the beginning.

Solve the matter amicably

If a person at school often talks rudely to you, you must talk to that person and make him or her understand that you are not very comfortable with his or her talking tone. You must have an amicable discussion with the person and ask him or her the reason behind such an unpleasant behavior. You could even clarify to the person that you are willing to make some changes on your part, if it was in any way your mistake. This would make him or her know that you have come to sort out the matter in a peaceful way rather than just being accusing. You might even take someone along with who will help placate the matter between you and the other person. You should preferably avoid talking about this matter in public as the person whom you are trying to make understand your problem, may take it as an offense on his or her prestige.

Taking up the matter with the authorities

This is the last and extreme step that should be taken. If the person who talks rudely to you continues to talk rudely with you, then you must inform the higher authorities about it after having a discussion with your parents. This step is necessary as the person who is talking or behaving rudely with you may get violent or abusive someday and it would be wise not to wait for that moment. While informing the authorities, you should be confident of yourself. You should tell the authorities all the measures you took to avoid the showdown. Appeal to the authorities to take measures against the individual so that this incident does not recur again in future.

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