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Practice can Even Out the Difference in the Levels of Motivation Amongst Different People

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Motivation is Different in Different People

No 2 people can feel the same amount of motivation towards a singular cause. This often happens when numerous people are working in a group, hoping for completion of a project. The more the variation in the levels of motivation, the more the disruption in the environment of the team or group. However, these can be leveled out with enough practice by each and every member of the group. In fact, at different points in time, the level of motivation shall differ for each and every group member. Hence, it is necessary to keep the team motivated as a whole. Motivation Motivation is what leads to success of a person, team or anything. Hence, if someone isn’t motivated enough, they will not feel like working as hard. Thus, if a bunch of people are working on the same thing and if one person from the team isn’t motivated enough, it is good to make them feel motivated. For, only then will the team be able to succeed in the set task. Sometimes, a person need not really be motivated but if he or she practices hard enough, he or she will be able to perform at the level of the motivated person. Motivation comes with certain basic laws which need to be applied when motivating someone. Motivation Motivation is Different at Different Levels

One will first have to understand why the person isn’t motivated enough. One has to address these problems and then, level out the motivation that each team member is going through. Sooner or later, the motivation level will come to an even terrain in the group. Yes, things will change but if it is a group one needs to stand up for each other. None the less, putting in enough effort can lead people to the level of one another without any motivation. Moreover, different levels of motivation can be achieved and also, different people need motivation for different things. You need to see to it that you are not disrupting anyone’s mental balance by judging their motivation factor. They might not be motivated but if they are putting in enough effort, you can let them be. Like it has often been said, “Motivation level can never be the same, but practice can level it out”. Motivation levels are different at different times in different individuals. You need to accept it and let it go. Also, if you would like to motivate others, you need to feel motivated yourself too. Otherwise, there is no way; you will be able to motivate anyone at all. Motivation is different at different levels

Who Really Needs Motivation?

First and foremost, figure out if the person really needs any motivation. If not, don’t push on to the person. He or she will not put in any effort then either. In fact, find out ways to make the person practice so that they feel motivated enough. For, only and only practice can level out motivation amongst different individuals. Also, if you are looking to motivate others, think how you would want to get motivated. What kind of a person would you want to motivate you? It is over these things that you need to ponder. Apart from that put in enough practice and things will level out eventually. A motivational person is punctual, energetic, and affirmative and has a happy vibe around him or her all the time. At the same time, this person will not betray your trust and can be completely trusted. This is a truly motivational person. Obviously everyone is going to take cue from this person. Since, all other people in the group cannot have the same level of motivation; it is best that those who are a little less motivated put in some practice and perform at the same level as as everyone else. Obviously, self motivation is a key requirement in order to motivate everyone else in the group.

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Desire to Win

If each and every individual isn’t motivated enough towards the cause, the group will not succeed in attaining its goal. However, outside the group dynamics, differences in the level of motivation can be taken care of through practice. Can the same be applied inside a group dynamics? Yes, the same can be applied inside a group dynamics. If there is lack of motivation then, people can put in practice and achieve their desired goals. If one practices hard enough then, motivation gradually creeps in. No one wants to see their hard work go all wasted. Hence, it is necessary to fine-tune the state of mind towards the desired goal. If one is determined to achieve a certain thing, he or she will automatically feel motivated. However, if there isn’t a desire to win in the heart, motivation will not exist either. Therefore, in order to arise motivation, one needs to arise the desire to win.

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