How to deal with pollen allergies

Pollen activity shows up its ugly head every year, especially during spring affecting nearly 35 million Americans. It is not a fatal disease or even a serious one, but the symptoms slows down your activity. Here are a few strategies to minimize its effects.

Check the pollen count

The pollen particle is very small being thinner than a strand of hair. This makes it easy to understand why it cannot be eradicated but pollen counts are estimated and published daily either in newspapers or in the internet. Check the count regularly and avoid going out when it is high. You can even avoid going out in certain times of the day when it is highest, like between 5 am and 9 am. In certain places, pollen activity is high in particular weeks of the season, so take a vacation for a week or two during those weeks.

Don’t bring pollen in with you

Pollen being very thin can ride piggy back on your hair and clothes. So every time you walk indoors you’ll be bringing them along with you. When you get home head straight for the shower and wash off the pollen. Put on fresh clean clothes. This will reduce the pollen that’s indoors, considerably. You can even wear a head gear or face mask while going out especially in the hi- pollen count days.

Use an air-purifier

Understanding the source of the pollen helps in dealing with allergies. Most trees, grasses and weeds rely on wind pollination. Of the weeds, ragweed produces the worst pollen spreading up to 400 miles into the ocean. So avoiding it is impossible. But you can make sure that they don’t grow in your garden. You can also use air purifiers. Air purifiers remove microscopic pollen particles from the air, indoors. They improve the quality of air in your home and work wonders for people suffering from pollen and dust allergies. It would be wise to invest in one. A number of them are available which use HEPA filters that only remove pollen and mold spores, keeping the air inside the home clean and free from pollen.

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