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How to deal with oily skin

How to deal with oily skin

Oily skin occurs due to highly productive sebaceous gland in the pores and it can also occur due to genetic predisposition or poor diet. Here are some remedial measures while caring for oily skin. Keep your skin clean The face is the most visible area where your oily skin can truly shine out. As in the case of other skin types, oily skin too requires proper skin care regime. Therefore, as is the advice of most dermatologists, you are required to wash your face at least thrice a day to keep it clean. While washing your face, use only mild soap or cleanser. This will lift off some of the oiliness from the face without drying out your skin completely. Gently wash your face with warm water. Use of face cloth or buff puff may activate more secretion of oil. If mild soap and cleanser does not seem to agree with you, then try some other product which contains salicylic acid as it helps to cut off the oil.

Protect your face When you have oily skin, it is best to pull back your hair away from the face. This helps to keep the hair off your face which can hamper the facial skin from breathing freely. It is best to keep your hands from touching your face often, as the hands may introduce more dirt and oil to your face. Apart from this, people with oily skin need to avoid using make up, particularly foundation as it can aggravate greasiness on the face. Makeup products which contain harsh chemicals can create some other skin problems, such as acne which can create more complications on oily skin. While going out, always use a sunscreen especially formulated for oily skin. Keep blotting away oily spots as they appear with facial tissues or blotting papers. These will help in keeping the face free of oily spots.

Have a regular facial care Having a facial at least once a week can be very helpful for oily skin. Always use facial mask which is formulated for oily skin, as it will help to moisturize while drawing out the oil. Facial steam for the face will open up the pores and extract the oil from the pores. Using citrus and cucumber mask is best for oily skin as they are acidic and will draw away oiliness. Apart from a weekly facial, exfoliation every few days is also very helpful in combating oily skin. Use a gentle exfoliant which can remove the dead skin cells and layers of oil on the face. However, too much fussing on the face can stimulate more oiliness, so take care to stick to weekly facials only.

Use the right toner When it comes to toners, most dermatologists recommend its use on the very oily areas of the face only. Toners contain salicylic ingredients which help in drying up oily areas. There are plenty of toners which all have astringent base but it is best to buy something exclusively suited for oily skin. Toners can be applied after facials or steaming as it helps to close up the pores sufficiently and reducing the oil secretion for some time. The use of a toner after cleansing gives oily skin a fresh and healthy appearance. However, care must be taken as there are certain dry areas even on oily face, and toners can really dry out these areas further. Avoid using toner all over the face and use it sparingly.

Maintain a healthy diet Eating a good diet works for the general benefit of the body and this naturally will have an impact on the skin as well. Eating too much fatty food will only increase the oil secretion which can lead to other skin problems for you. Therefore, it is important that you stick to a diet which includes plenty of green leafy vegetables, whole grain and fresh fruits. Look for food which has plenty of Vitamin B as this is good for the skin. Also there are certain foods which may react badly with the skin, so keep a track of such food items which does not suit you. Some people are prone to allergy due to various food items which can further aggravate an oily skin condition. By taking preventive measures, such as eating well and taking good care of your skin, your skin will start showing good results.

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