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Mediocrity kills the real you

Mediocrity kills the real you



The quality or state of being mediocre.
A person of mediocre ability.

Do either of the above sound like exciting or something to strive for? NO! So why do so many people like to be medium, average, the same. So few like to go above and beyond. Do something against the status quo because of the repercussions. The easy way to be is Mediocre. No one will pick on you if you are as good as they are or below their skill level. As soon as you appear to be less skilled, less knowledgeable, or not as happy, people will let you be because it will justify their lifestyle choices.

The only people who don’t judge or try to hinder are the ones who have the same mentality, and those are the people who you need to attract into your life. They’re the ones that encourage your endeavours without criticism, or feel the need to express their opinion without it being asked. When you find someone like that, share your goals and reap the benefits.

Mediocrity is the easy option. Not achieving your goals because ‘no one does’ will not make you feel better. Being just a little bit better at a skill or job than the people you’re surrounded with doesn’t mean you cant do better. You shouldn’t aim to be better than those around you, but to be the best you can be. You can be the leader. By aiming to be the best, you will raise the standards of everyone around you and encourage them to work harder at achieving their dreams because they have a new standard and role model. Even if you have the slightest impact to those around you, you have moved them slightly higher and further away from mediocrity, and closer to loving their lives right now.

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