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Learn to express your hurt with your love ones, don’t hold back

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Communication is healthy. It is especially needed with your loved ones that are your family and friends. Being timid is not healthy. If you love someone and that person loves you back you must be able to express yourself in the front of that person. The first and foremost person you need to take care in your life is yourself. No one else can be your own advocate than yourself as you must be able to defend yourself in public and also call a spade a spade before your loved one.

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Don’t Let People Hurt You and Get Away With It

Many times what happens is that when someone hurts you, you keep quite to spare their feelings. One must remember that even if they are your loved ones, they never cared about hurting you. Bottling up hurt and anger is the worst thing one can do as it eats you every day and one day the emotions are likely to explode. Holding back is also giving a chance to others to hurt you more. If people, even your loved ones see that they can hurt you and get away with it, they will repeat it. This is in no ways encouraging fights but taking hurt from others is also bad. The best policy is to give back there and there itself and finish the matter. When you give back and express the hurt that has been caused by your loved ones do not show them how much it has affected you. This is very important and also very difficult. The loved one should know that the bad behavior on his or her part has caused pain and it will not be tolerated again.

Life is difficult nowadays and unnecessarily letting someone hurt you adds to the burden of life. One must not give the other person a chance to hurt you. They should know that hurting you is not going to be taken lightly. Sometimes avoiding unnecessary arguments and keeping quite helps as the other person does not get a chance to hurt you.

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Hold Back Sometimes

Sometimes however the situation must be judged by you. There are some people in your friends circle as well as family who are not rational human beings. If you give back the fight can escalate to disastrous consequences. Also by not holding back sometimes you make yourself even more vulnerable for them to hurt you. So judging a situation is very important as you do not want to suffer more in the situation. Sometimes also people can fight better than you and are better at confrontation. They have the power to hurt you even more. In such situations the best thing to do is believe in karma and try to move on from the hurt that your loved ones have caused you.

Whenever possible express you hurt with you loved ones as sometimes they might not even know that they are hurting you. Judge the situation and give back whenever possible.



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