Fasten the Seat Belt – Learn To Protect Yourself

It is a dangerous world out there today and you need to be able to protect yourself. This means protect yourself physically, emotionally as well as psychologically. We have all heard the sayings. The most famous of them all – Precaution is Better than cure! It is true you know. You must not invite trouble in today’s world and also take all the precautions you can to protect yourself.

Protect Yourself Physically

When we talk about physically protecting yourself it means one needs to take precautions against violent crimes that are increasing in frequency and number all over the world. Women need to protect themselves against physical assault, sexual assault, domestic abuse, accidents and other violent incidents. To protect oneself from any kind of assault or abuse women can take some self defense classes, avoid violent and dangerous neighborhoods, especially at night, be aware of the people around you and also make decisions wisely. Carrying safety measures like a pepper spray also helps. Men also need to protect themselves against assault, armed robbery and other violent crimes.  The best way to do so is to stay out of trouble. Do not get into unnecessary fights to prove that you are a man. It is not worth it. Know how to defend yourself but judge the opponents first as in figure out if the opponent is armed or stronger than you. Both women and men should know how to contact the police in need.


Protect Yourself Emotionally and Psychologically

Emotionally and psychologically also both men and women are vulnerable. We all get hurt emotionally some or the other time in our lives. Nobody can stop themselves from being emotionally vulnerable completely. We get into relationships of all kinds and we get involved in these relationships. We must be open to having new friends, falling in love and committing to relationships. Having said this one must follow some precautions in the starting of a new relationship. This means get to know the person before you get involved emotionally with the person. Also we are psychologically vulnerable. People play mind games all the time. This is true about your friends, your colleagues at your work place as well as other people you meet in life. One must be aware of what is happening around them and not give people a chance to pull anything on you. This is particularly true in the work place when colleagues try to pull you down.

Live Life, But with Precautions

Physically, emotionally and psychologically we need to learn to protect ourselves. This however does not mean that we must be scared of the world and lock all the doors and windows and sit at home. This means taking adequate precautions and leading the life that you want to lead. When the necessary precautions are taken you are free to lead a normal life. The analogy given to us about precaution in life is to that one must drive a car but use the seatbelt as a precaution. This means you must live life to the fullest but take precautions along the way.

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