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How to deal with your in-laws

How to deal with your in-laws

After your wedding, you may have to stay with your in-laws some time or the other in your life. Some of them are very caring and supportive while others may be dominating and interfering in all your activities. If you are one of those couples who do not know where to draw the line, here are a few ways to deal with your in-laws.

Always be cool

Being Mr. or Mrs. cool always helps. This kind of attitude can protect you from several flare-ups and other awkward situations. You need to be levelheaded and handle difficult situations in a calm and quiet manner. For example, one of your in-laws may insult you or call you names in front of others. The best thing to do is to be cool and control your feelings. Time is the best healer and helps you to forget these kinds of attacks. If you retaliate, it will only aggravate the situation and make it worse. Remain calm and things will get better within a short period. When you remain calm and quiet, your in-laws will remain calm automatically. A cool attitude will also help you to curb other emotions and feelings during any situation.

Maturity counts


All of us agree to the fact that no one can love us more than our parents. At the same time, you cannot expect your in-laws to be like your parents. You have to accept the fact that your in-laws are not your parents. Get this thing in your mind and you will be able to deal with every situation in a mature manner. Try to look at things from your in-laws point of view. This will give you a better understanding of what they want and help you to act in that manner. Sometimes, your in-laws may cook their favorite foods that you may not eat. As a mature person, you should be able to tell them about your food habits. If you see no change, then it is better to eat from a restaurant before going for meals to your in-laws place. Stop being childish and grow up to face all kinds of situations with maturity.

Be considerate


As grownups, you should be very considerate to every member in your family, be it your parents, children or your in-laws. This is very important if you are staying with your in-laws. You need to deal with every situation very carefully because there is a tendency to misinterpret things. Sometimes, there may be situations where you have to grit your teeth. Stay calm and quiet. Talk in a polite manner and try to smile without having a frown on your face. If you cannot say anything, at least have a smile on your face. If your in-laws are old, you need to be more considerate and take care of all their needs on time. You can make them feel important by gifting them occasionally.

Sense of humor


Sense of humor is an excellent tool for dealing with your in-laws. Humor can take control of various serious situations and save you from dangerous consequences. Cracking a joke can help everyone to get rid of the stress and strain and enjoy lighter moments together. Instead of sitting tight-lipped, always try to be very casual and nice to the n-laws. Spending some quality time together will help you to bond with them in a better and reduce the friction. Remember not to make comments that hurt their feelings and sentiments. This will in turn ruin the situation and make things worse.

Communication is the key


If there is a problem between you and your in-laws, it should be dealt directly by you instead of seeking the help of a third person. For example, avoid taking your husband’s help to deal with his parents. Speak to them directly about your problem and solve it immediately. Deal with the problem as soon as possible too. Certain problems may be caused due to simple misunderstandings. If they are not dealt with in a proper manner, they may become complicated and difficult to deal with. So speak out and find out the truth and try to solve the problems yourself. This also helps you to create a good understanding between you and your in-laws. Communicating with your in-laws is the best way to stay update, seek their support and encouragement.

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