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How to deal with a bad friend


Everyone has friends, but no one can say who will turn out to be reliable and supportive every time. One of your friends may even have negative aspects that can irritate you to the core. Here are some simple ways of dealing with bad friends.

Speak up

Hanging out with good friends can help in a number of ways. But, if one of them has negative intentions, then it is better to identify his intentions and stay away from him. Sometimes, you have friends who behave in a peculiar way. He may not have been this way earlier. The person may be in some kind of stress or have some kind of problem that is making him behave in this manner. In such a situation, it is better to know him and understand his situation. A good talk may help him to solve his problems and behave normally towards you. If you ignore the person, his problems may become worse which can affect his personality negatively.

Apologize to him and walk away from him

Sometimes, a friend of yours may say something mean about you to your friends. This may have been possible due to some kind of misunderstanding between you and the friend. The best way to deal with such a friend is to apologize. Tell him that you are sorry for hurting him, even if it is not your fault. Tell him that you are really sorry for hurting his feelings. Both of you should be ready to forgive and forget these things and become friends again. Apology is one of the best ways to touch the other person’s ego and make him feel elated.

Apology may not be beneficial all the time. Some people are not willing to forgive whatever you say. They wish to remain aloof or break the friendship. Tell the person about how you feel about the whole incident and that you are sorry for it, whatever is your part in the whole incident. Speak to the friend in person when both of you are together. If he is not willing to listen to you or forgive you, just walk away. Maybe you could find a better time to talk and settle things patiently.

Set some boundaries and talk to others

In order to maintain good friendship, it is better to set boundaries. Take good care of yourself when you are in the company of your friends. Try to avoid pleasing the bad friend. Talking to other friends may be helpful. This will give you a lot of ideas about how to deal with bad friends or at least understand the situation that is responsible for the behavior of the bad friend. You will also get valuable advice whether or not you should continue with the friendship or how to neutralize the relationship.

Get professional help

Bad friends are not born bad. There may be various situations that are causing them to act in such a manner. Though it may be difficult to speak to such friends about professional help, it can do wonders if they are able to get it. You can make an effort to save the friendship. Tell the person that you are aware of his state of mind and that you are looking forward to help him.

Forgive him and end the friendship

When you are emotional, it is better not to take any decision. This holds good for friendship as well. If you are irritated or annoyed with something your friend has done, avoid taking any decision in haste. Sit down for a while think over it and try to find an ideal solution that is beneficial to both of you. If you are ready to forgive your friend for what he has done, then there is nothing better than that. Focus your mind on various other things. Your friend may realize his mistake and change his ways or be friends again.

No one likes to end a friendship. Breaking up with a friend is almost similar to breaking up with your spouse. The situation may be very hurtful and stressful. But, if you have no other means and all your efforts to save the friendship fails, it is better to break away from the person. You can save yourself from all the pain and misery due to the bad friendship.

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