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Larger than life parents

crying son

It is a story of a boy Vikrant who got into an argument with his parents. His parents wanted him to stay with them as they were old but the boy had a dream of going abroad. He left his house but he had no money in his pocket so he went to the rail station and sat in a corner. He started observing the passersby.  A few minutes later, he saw an elderly couple struggling hard to board the train. They had a heavy luggage with them.


Vikrant at once thought of his old parents. He went to the elderly couple and said, “Let me help you with your luggage.”

The boy took their luggage and started walking with them. A few minutes later, Vikrant realized that the old husband had fallen down in the middle of the platform. His wife started crying for help. Vikrant went back and put the head of the old man in his lap. He took no time to understand that the old man had a terrible heart attack. He at once took out his mobile and called the ambulance. He thought of his father was also a heart patient.

He spent three hours in the hospital. At times, Vikrant felt like running away from there since he had something else going on in his mind but he saw that there was no one else with the old woman.


After the while doctor came outside and said, “Your father is out of trouble now.” Vikrant wanted to tell him that the old man was not his father but kept quiet for some unknown reason.

“Thank god you brought him at the right time. Your parents are lucky that they have a kid like you. Nowadays when every second kid wants to get settle down abroad, there are kids like you who set an example for all. Those kids who leave their old parents alone and get busy with their own lives must take a lesson from you.”

Vikrant had tears in his eyes. Even he was about to leave his parents to live his own dreams.

“You can always earn a lot of money but you never get parents again,” the doctors said as he saw tears in Vikrant’s eyes.

Vikrant went to the old couple who had already informed their kids who were on their way.

crying son

Vikrant went back home and knocked on the door. He thought his parents would be sleeping already. When he went inside the house, he saw his parents still waiting for him. They had tears in their eyes. They had not eaten their dinner yet. His father wiped off his tears and said in harsh tone, “What brought you here now?”

Vikrant went towards him and stared crying like a small kid.

Parents are truly valuable. We must not hesitate to make sacrifices for the sake of our family and loved ones. You must chase your dreams but not at the expense of others.

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