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How to deal with jealousy in a marriage


Jealousy in marriage is a common feeling and many of us have felt it at some point of our lives and know how threatening it can be. The following are a few ways of dealing with it.


Insights into our own actions and behavior may prove very helpful in judging ourselves. Never try to blame your partner for your own insecurities, be a wise judge of the situation and your problem. Look for the source of it, what is it that annoys you and hence renders you incapable of loving your partner as much as they deserve. It might be the case where your partner is just reacting to your own behavior in the past, hence be careful to not hasten into action without understanding the situation. Wherever possible take advice and counseling from friends and elders who would have faced this in their lives and would be able to help you. Communication with your partner is also very important, you must make sure that you are aware of what is going on in their lives without being nosy.

Be independent, give your partner some space

One tends to get jealous or irritated of their spouse when they do not get the kind of attention or time that they want from them. If you are relying entirely on your spouse for everything, then you are putting yourself in a bad situation. If your spouse has a better social life than you, it’s not their fault and you should not nag them about it. You should try to find time for yourself and not just keep waiting for your spouse to get free. Becoming independent will allow your spouse some freedom and space that they deserve and will also keep you busy hence curbing your negative feelings.

Discuss your problem and spice up your life

When you are sure that you cannot handle it anymore and are getting irritated by it, discuss your problems with your partner. It is possible that they might be feeling the same about you or maybe have been so busy in their professional life that they could not take out time. Talking to your partner and spending some quality time with them will help you reduce these pangs of jealousy. In a situation where you feel that things are very monotonous and your partner is enjoying with their friends rather than you, it is possible that they are bored and want an escape route from their boring life. Spice up your life a bit, take them out or plan a surprise for them to make them feel special. Give them a reason to give you preference over their other friends.

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