Investigating the relationship between sex and love

Sex and love are among the most widely controversial subjects discussed in the past decades. One’s viewpoint towards how these two are interrelated could greatly be affected by gender. Generally speaking (and this may most likely be a subconscious weighing of things) men tend to consider sex before love, while the opposite may be said with women, or at least a majority of them.

Biologically, sex, or at least the act of making love, is a necessity for our species to survive, which need is primarily the result of the desire created by man’s sexual hormones. To some, dating is not worth it if such act doesn’t come as part of the whole scenario. The way it has turned out to be more of a casual thing nowadays, a reality that people were inevitably made to accept.

In essence, one can say that sex is a direct opposite to love, with having a person getting sexually attracted to another just to come to a realization that the relationship in progress is unpleasant and dull being a great example.

In this scenario, the idea in ‘Tantric Sex’ becomes self-contradictory. Here, individuals are thought to do the act of making love a way to create that magic called love, and the road to taking responsibility through procreation is cut short.

But in a way, this also serves selfish physical desires and the outcome becomes a mere out picturing without any divine purpose. Simply stated, love does not bloom from simply doing the act of making love.

On the other hand, when a love relationship is built, then comes the importance of making love. In many cases, sex becomes a big factor why couples fight.

This reason has even become a bigger factor than other common causes of arguments such as house chores and money. The desire to make love is something that most women tend to keep to themselves in the fear of receiving unwanted reactions from their partner. While this is unhealthy for most men physically, mainly because of triggering a fight response during times they’re not in the mood, for women, this could be a cause for depression and anxiety.

Such actions could generally lead to having a lack of physical intimacy. As a result, the connection between the couple becomes weaker, and this is where relationship tends to become damaging. An incredible love relationship needs incredible romance. That passion that once burst out initially may not be brought upon again, but it doesn’t equate to love fading in time. Instead, the next stage of the relationship should begin, but with a different yet richer experience.

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