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Importance of setting life goals to live a great life


“An average person with average talents and ambition and average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.” – Mary Kay Ash

Believe it or not, the truth of winning is hidden in setting the self-goals. The basic difference between winners and losers is that the winners set the goals, while the losers do not have any goal.

Do you ever set out on a journey without having any plan in your mind about where you are going, definitely not? If you do that, it is wasting your time, money and resources merely on nothing.

Goal setting lays out the foundation

Goal setting is like programming your mind for particular target or the destination and consequently channelizing your subconscious mind to get into action for that goal. When you already know what you are aiming for, choosing an alternative among so many becomes an easy task. You do not need to look here and there when you know that the particular option will take you where you are heading to.

Goals are time-bound dreams

Dreams can never be converted into reality, unless and until they are not converted into goals and goals are nothing but your dreams that you are looking forward to achieve in a specific period of time. When you actually determine at what point of time you want your aim to be fulfilled, your subconscious mind is gearing up the speed and the force to take you into action. The shorter the time you determine to achieve a goal, the faster your mind comes into action to do the same.

However, it does not mean that you allocate unrealistic time-frame to any goal. Doing this would only fade away your enthusiasm towards your goal and possibilities are there that your mind assumes it as a not-possible-goal to achieve. Therefore, before determining the time period, always consider the different aspects of the goal and have realistic expectations from yourself.

Make your heart willing to believe

When you set a goal, you visualize how you are going to realize it. In the process you train your mind for the specific goal and make your heart willing to believe it, to make it come true to reality. Your energies are automatically directed towards the achievement of the goal. You actually start believing in yourself to do those things that you had never thought of doing before that is the magic of setting goals.

Putting subconscious mind into action

Once you set the goal and the time-frame for the same, you subconsciously imagine your goal to get realized and your mind begins to play with ideas. Thereafter, various strategies and plans are worked out in your mind with their negative as well as positive aspects. This is when you have started to work on your goals, through your subconscious mind.

Motivational force

Goal-setting is again crucial as it does not allow you to drift away, instead keeps you motivated to concentrate on what you are supposed to do next. Even when you reach half way, your subconscious mind does not allow you to look back but forces you to keep yourself in action towards reaching your goal. You are able to figure out where you are standing at that particular point and how many steps you need to take to accomplish your goal.

Scope of improvement

Setting of goals is like setting boundaries. You cannot drift away from the actual route that goes towards success. Your envisioned goals will never let you to get distracted but motivate you to come back, to improve your flaws and to restore your attitude towards your work.

Positive personality traits


A person, who is goal-oriented, is disciplined too. Moreover, goal-achieving attitude makes him perform better in every task he chooses to do. Therefore, he is confident and is happier and more satisfied as compared to others.

Until and unless, you do not set the self-goals, you do not strive for them and unfortunately, you will never come to know your limits to which you can push yourself. You can reach the new heights and the new avenues only when you stretch yourself beyond your limits and that is possible only when you set the goals in your life.

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