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How to deal with hostile people

deal with hostile people

Any type of physical violence and physical threats to the safety and security of a person and inappropriate and aggressive sexual behavior etc. can be termed as hostile behaviors. Here are some ways to deal with those who practice these hostile ways.

Do not blame yourself for hostile behavior of others

Remember to have a higher self esteem level. You can always think that hostile person’s behavior is not meant for you and you do not deserve it no matter what the anger level of the other person is or the mistake you might have committed. You can have a counselling session to restore your confidence and moral.

Exercise assertive communication

You can be assertive when you communicate to the person about the action that have been taken by him/her and how those actions were disturbing to you. You can also narrate your other thoughts and feelings as well. You can say that you will appreciate if such hostile behavior is not repeated in the future. By doing so you will be able to avoid future arguments and hostile behavior and can have a more healthy relationship.

Other things to keep in mind

While dealing with hostile people you can keep certain things in mind. You can have a more optimistic attitude. You can avoid takings things personally and can also avoid being forceful while dealing with situations. The bad behavior of a person should not effect you. The best way of avoiding the hostile behavior is to avoid acting in the same way the other person does. You can also try not to contribute towards making the situation more heated. You can do your part for improving the situation before giving up entirely.

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