His honesty saved his mother’s life

A boy who used to work in a bookshop was going through a rough phase in his life. His mother had a terrible disease and he had no money to pay medicals bills. One day when he was sitting on the counter of the bookshop, he saw a rich man coming into his bookshop. The rich man came inside the shop and started browsing the books. The moment he left the bookshop the boy noticed that he did not have his small bag that he was carrying when he had come inside. The boy looked everywhere in the shop and finally found the bag. He ran after the rich fellow who was talking to someone near his car. The boy went towards him and said, “Sir, you forgot your bag inside the book shop.’

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The rich man looked at him and said, “Thank you so much son but do you know what was there in bag?”

The boy smiled and answered, “No sir and I don’t even want to know that as it hardly matters to me.”

The rich man thought for a minute and said, “It’s nice to meet a young man who is so honest. Thanks again.”

The boy went back to the bookshop. When he left at eight o’clock, he got on a bus and reached home. His mother was waiting for him. The moment he stepped into the house he made the dinner and served, as his mother had fever. While having their dinner, son told his mother about the incidence. His mother appreciated him and said, “I am really proud of you my son. I wish you all the success in life.” His mother’s blessings had given him the strength to be honest.

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A few days later when he reached back home in the evening he saw his mother coughing baldy. He at a once took her to the hospital. He did not have single penny in his pocket but had no other option. He had tears in his eyes when he saw a familiar face. He wiped off his tears to have a good look at the person. It was the same person who had forgot his bag in the bookshop. He looked at the boy and said, ‘What are you doing here, young man? Why are you crying?”

The boy told him about his mother and started crying again. The rich man turned out to be a reputed doctor. He looked at the poor boy’s mother and said, “Don’t worry everything is going to be all right.”

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The next day when the doctor came to the ward, he saw the young boy sitting alone. He came towards him and said,” Don’t worry your mother is all right. I have paid the hospital bills in advance.”

The boy knew that thanks would not be enough. He had tears in his eyes when he looked at his guardian angel.

“Don’t forget to meet me the next time you come here,” the doctor yelled back as he was leaving the ward.

The honesty of the young lad took him a long way in life.

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