Recognize your inner conflicts and resolve them to make peace with your inner self

There are times when you behave totally opposite to what you really are and analyze your behavior a minute later. People who have inner conflicts usually seek support and get easily influenced by others around them. They always find it hard to make important decisions of life and wish someone else could do that for them. Such people get dependent upon others, which negatively affect their confidence.

Here are a few common signs that indicate that you are struggling with an inner conflict:

A feeling of discomfort

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It feels as if life is moving in wrong direction and you are completely helpless. People accept that things are bad but it is unfortunately a partial acceptance. They don’t actually try to fight the feeling but on the contrary try to suppress it something which eventually worsen the problem.

Tendency to be political correct

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Such people often try to follow the footsteps of others regardless of what they really want to do. The tendency to do that often includes the desire to get support from others around them. What others value or say is much more important than what you believe in even if it takes you miles away from your goals. How do you actually react in a situation when you get loose money by the bank manager? Do you point it out or keep it in your pocket without uttering up a word? Your answer to this question can tell you clearly whether you are one of those who struggle with inner conflicts or not.

Follow certain simple yet effective tips to deal with the situation:

Recognize the problem

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It is quite difficult to find a solution to your problem until you acknowledge the fact that you really are struggling with the inner conflict. The feeling of inactivity of the reoccurring inner dialogues may be a strong indication to make sure, so that you can make an action plan.

Don’t suppress you inner conflict or violate your values

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Those who try to avoid or run away from their inner conflicts feed them even more. You must accept that you have inner conflicts so that your unconscious mind gets the message. Think of all the possible way to come out of it instead of closing your eyes to them. You must remember that the act of violating your inner values actually instigate the inner conflicts. Listen to your heart when you make important decisions of your life and even if you have made a mistake in the past, make sure you don’t repeat the mistake again in future.

Don’t stress upon winning

It is all right if you end up making a mistake or do not get the support of all others around you. Take it easy, as you get to learn something new every time you make a mistake or take the less traveled path to get success. You can never get an approval by others if you don’t approve of your own methods to reach your goals.

Dump it on a piece of paper

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You must follow certain rules in life. Develop a belief system and values that help you give direction to your life. Do what you must do to reach your goals instead of running away from your responsibilities. Do not use “waiting for the right time expression” to procrastinate as it may lead to inner conflicts eventually.

Write the conflict on a piece of paper

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Psychologists believe that when you writing down your conflicts give you a feeling that you have actually dumped it. Along with it, you get clarity of thoughts, which is important to make wise decisions.

It is quite difficult to move on in life when you have inner conflicts troubling you day in day out. One of the best ways to deal with them is to follow your instincts or to do what your heart tells you to do.

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