Happiness: Why we try too hard to not to be happy and make things even worse

Most people follow the same tendency of pulling themselves backward when it comes to their own happiness. They always have a long list of lame excuses that never let them embrace happiness. If you are falling in love, you come up with millions of excuses a few days later to take a step back instead of moving forward. In the similar manner, you may have experienced that people come up with all sort of excuses to keep themselves from living a healthy and happy life.

Why do you not let yourself be happy?

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Your good and bad experiences play an important role in determining your behavior patterns. Psychologists believe that someone who had dominating parents or had bitter experiences with his/her past relationships always find it hard to move into a relationship. The reason is quite simple. They tend to develop defense mechanisms to keep themselves from getting hurt repeatedly again. Moreover, it is always difficult to come out of your comfort bubble, which poses a threat to your regular routine of life.

Even in real life situations the moment you start feeling content with your life your unconscious brain entertain fears of all kinds. Research says that to lead a healthy and sane life you must let yourself be happy and go with the flow. Here are a few tips:

You are bound to be happy at any age

happy at any age

Unlike popular belief, you can attain happiness at any age. Those people who do not let negative thoughts enter into their minds live happy even when they grow old. They always have one or the other reason to be happy as they never let anything bring them down. Don’t wait for a miracle, make happy memories of everyday life and hold them close to your heart.

Life is short


Life is too short to stuff it with regrets. Happiness is the ultimate goal of human life. Life may be cruel at times but that cannot be a reason to not to dream big. Life is what you make it. It is important that you look ahead and keep your hopes alive even when you go through the adversities of life.

You can never expect others to value you if you don’t value yourself. Remember, you are above everything else and your happiness should always be on the top of your priority list no matter what. Here are a few simple tips to make yourself happy:

Love yourself

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No wonder, you pat yourself on the back when you make achievements in life but you must not apply conditions to do that. Love yourself even when you don’t live up to your own expectations. As they say it’s human to err, stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong around you. Make sure you never criticize yourself or get engaged in negative self-talk. The words you say to yourself eventually turn into your actions and actions determine your behavior. Love yourself the way you are as you are one beautiful and unique creation of universe.

Chose to be happy

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Happiness is a choice, make sure you get up every day with a positive frame of mind and do things that make you happy. The size of your bank account has nothing to do with your level of happiness since you always have something to be thankful for even when you go through adversities of life. Develop a broader perspective to look at your life as every problem comes with a solution.

Life is simple but the people who think negative and restrict their happiness make it complicated. Live life as it comes to you, as your happiness is your prime responsibility.

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