Happiness Grows Under Your Feet

To be happy you have to forget the bad. Live life to maintain happiness no matter what. Never assume that destiny has created you so that you can be unhappy. Always find reasons to be happy and you will be happy. Think happy! The truth is that happiness has to be nurtured to make it big and huge. There are certain ways to create happiness:

  • Happiness is not all about requirement. Understand it and make it a tool to be happy. However you should not become materialistic to be happy.
  • Do not compare your happiness with others. That is the best way to be happy. Everyone has its unique way to be happy.
  • Surround yourself with happy people. It has a great influence on the target. If the people whom you are surrounded with are happy naturally you can also be happy.
  • Your happiness is your responsibility. Make it sure that you perform it very well
  • Try to bring back the child in you. Childhood memories are the best memories. When you sit alone think of the childhood memories and be happy. If helping others gives you happiness that it should be persuaded. That should also be a reason to be happy because if your help can bring happiness in someone else’s life then why not your life?
  • Pray. Almighty can do miracles. Do believe in miracles.

Spend quality time with the loved one. Also spend time with pets if any can serve the purpose!  Be happy under all circumstances. These are some of the ways by which one can be happy. But these measures are the covering of the shell. The real or the core one is the heart and mind which should be happy. If happiness is not persisting in mind and heart not worldly pleasure can make any one happy.

Most of The People Are Happy Because They Make Their Mind Happy

Remember some tips when you are unhappy. They are:

  • Think of present not of past or future
  • Happiness is so difficult to find because it is under your nose
  • Do not count your troubles but count your joys
  • Appreciate your own efforts and then world can appreciate
  • Make your soul blossom by watering with happiness everyday
  • Think and worry less
  • Happiness can be in small and day to day activities

When in despair think about what our forefathers did to be happy. They gave us some lessons of life to be happy. They were of the opinion that

If you want happiness for an hour ——-Take a nap

If you want happiness for a day ——— Go for a picnic

If you want happiness for a year ———Believe in fate

If you want happiness for lifetime ——-Help someone

Even big emperors as Akbar or Shivaji also believed that by helping others one can be happy. They were happy because they helped others in their trying times.If someone is asked a question whether you like to kiss? The answer would be yes. Then happiness is like kiss. Feel it and spread it to enjoy it.

Pleasures Are Cheap but Happiness Is Priceless

 Thus one cannot find happiness in materialistic things. It should be the inner self that should be happy. Often people cross the terms of happiness and success. Success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key towards success. Love what you do and you can feel happiness. It is a simple and a natural process. But people in order to get success often forget that. They feel that money can bring happiness too. But they fail to understand that even financially strong individuals have sorrows. The approach is what matters.

Some people feel that there is so much happiness in creativity. A sculptor while make a statue invests his mind and soul to bring life to that statue. For that to happen he has to invest in his creativity and make it the best. Once it is appreciated that is what makes him happy. It is so because he has defined his happiness in that manner. So making a small statue also makes him happy. Everything is in mind. To invite happiness one has to do some kind of action. Without action there cannot be happiness in life. When Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity he did an action by going in that stormy rain and tying the key to the kite which produced electricity. By discovering light he spread his name and made fame. That is what made him happy. For that his actions were responsible.

Find Humor in All Situations of Life

If the joke is cracked on you treat it lightly and laugh around. You should not be too stubborn to yourself.   You deserve to be happy, be happy. But happiness is very hard to define. The world of those who are happy is different from those who are not!


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