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Good and bad experiences complete your life and make it meaningful

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“A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.” ― Stephen King

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If you take away all good and bad experiences from your life, you end up having nothing. Experiences turn you into the kind of person you are. Without those experiences, life is dull and monotonous. Whereas good experiences make you happy or motivate you to carry on, bad experiences turn you into a better person. Those people who keep learning all their lives are eventually able to live life on their own terms.

Invest in new experiences than to accumulate new possessions

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If it has nothing to do with a necessity, spending money on materialistic goods is a waste. Every time you buy a new smart phone or an expensive car, you desire to get a new one since worldly possession can never fulfill your desire to get new experiences in life. Fortunately, the external world today provides all kinds of different experiences to revitalize your soul and to make you feel alive.

Here are a few important things to consider:

Make good memories forever

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Of course, materialistic possessions make you happy but that happiness fades away in no time. On the other hand, experiences you get are always there in the back of your mind. New house or big car losses its charm with time but the time you spend with your best friends hanging out aimlessly in college always makes your heart beat go even faster. You may have a lot of money in your bank account but the time you used to borrow money to pay your canteen bills always brings a smile on your face.

New experiences shift your perspective

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New experiences actually change your perspective to look at the world around you. There could be nothing like traveling new places and meeting people of different cultures. You start looking at your life from a new angle and do not hesitate to experiment. Those people who are fed with the daily routine of their lives or are victims of depression must make plans to see a new place or spend time in the lap of nature. Such experiences turn you into a wise person and make your life complete.

Learn important lessons of life

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Experiences make you aware of new ways of life and give you lessons that take you towards peace of mind. You get to know that it is important to be nice to others and give respect to them to make beautiful relationships. Every time others take your kindness as a sign of innocence, you teach them a lesson and learn to be more careful so that no one robs you off your self-respect. You learn to be humble, courteous but do not deny the need to make relationships on equal terms.

Bad experiences turn you wiser

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Along with good experiences, you cannot deny the role of bad experiences to give you life lessons. They teach you to be more particular about your choices. Failed friendships teach you to not to rely too much on others and to choose friends sensibly. Bad intimate relationships make you aware that good relationships do not happen by chance. Love honesty makes your relationships even sweeter. Kids usually do not hesitate to spend lavishly but when they have to work hard to be on their own, they realize the importance of money and savings in life.

You cannot compare your good and bad experiences with almost anything. Experiences not only make you aware of your strengths but also bring you face to face with harsh realities of life. Time never comes back but experiences always turn you into a better person.

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