Friendless and Alone rather than a Mistrusting Friend

Friends Don’t Come Easy

It requires a whole lot of effort to make friends and keep them. However, on what kind of friends should one be putting this effort isn’t easy to fathom. It takes a human being first to make friends with someone. In the materialistic world of today, there is no dearth of inhumane people. It takes a lot of will to make a friend and hence, one should be very careful about who you are letting into your life. It might seem very philosophical and stupid but one has to think twice these days before opening up to someone. It is any day better to die alone than to be cheated by someone.


Friends for Life or No Friends at All

Friends either ought to be for lifetime or absent from life. Unlike, better halves; you can’t keep changing your friends one after the other. A friendship ought to last for a lifetime. You can change jobs, careers, clothes, lifestyle but not friends. That needs a lot more effort. It takes an equal amount of effort to make or lose friends. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be careful about who you are making friends with.

You don’t want to regret a friend later on in life, do you? Like they always say, prevention is better than cure. Hence, be careful about your friends. If you would rather make friends with loneliness than surround yourself with selfish people then do so.


Loneliness isn’t Bad

Loneliness isn’t a bad deal. One would rather be lonely than be in bad company. Loneliness isn’t always a bad thing. It is any day better than bad company. You can have an opportunity to analyse and improve yourself when you are all alone. Also, you don’t really have to be lonely.

You could just be alone. Alone and lonely aren’t 2 sides of the same kind. In fact, they are far apart. Alone and lonely are absolutely 2 different things. While you might say yes to one, you might want to say no to the other. After all, once in a while or 2, everyone likes to be left alone but no one really likes to be lonely. It is rather hard to befriend loneliness.

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Alone rather than Lonely

A lot of people make loneliness their best friend but it isn’t the right thing to do. In fact, you would rather accept the fact that you are all alone.

You can catch up on n number of things while you are alone. You can answer a lot of questions related to life. You can try a hand or 2 at things you have always wanted to do but have felt shy about them. For instance, you might have wanted to try a hand at cooking but you might have not done so because your male ego came in the way. Thus, you can ask yourself, relish yourself and indulge yourself while you are all alone. You don’t really need to always have someone around.

Be Yourself

Live as you Like because you are Alone

After all, it isn’t everyday that you will get to do things of your choice. You might want to sneak around yourself a bit. After all, living, like you wish to live and doing what you want to do is everyone’s dream. If you are living it then you might as well live it happily.

You will not have friends forever anyway. It isn’t like you should be shooing away friends even if you have them but spending time with yourself is a good idea. Also, your friends definitely need to be done away with if they are bad company. No one wants bad company!

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These are the Happy Days of Life

Laugh your life and laugh it out aloud. It isn’t often that you get a chance to live all alone. Of course, everyone needs company at some point in time or the other but well, until you do get someone you can very well enjoy yourself. It might take years to find a good friend to keep you company but that doesn’t matter.

For, at least you can enjoy the years. In having spent so many years of your life alone, you will become a better person and will have answered a lot of questions. Thus, you will be able to judge people better and completely keep off bad company. Isn’t that a good thing now?

You will remember this phase as your happy phase rather than your alone phase if you live accordingly. Otherwise, you will come across as someone who is sad and lonely. Thus, say yes to life and live happily and live like you love it. There is never a need to hit rock bottom because you are alone and there definitely isn’t a need to keep bad company.

Summary –

The article is about how one can have the best of times with friends or without friends and there is no need to befriend bad company.

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