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Your Attitude will Define the Way you Live

Your Attitude will Define the Way you Live

Take the Problems in your Stride

Well, life doesn’t always go your way. Yet, every situation that you create has entirely to do with you. It will not always work in your favour but how you react to things will or will not turn the situation in or against your favour. Therefore, 10% of life happens and the rest is created by your attitude. Thus, even though, you can’t always get your way, you should react maturely to each and every situation. Some of us are emotional fools who react with a lot of love or lot of anger to every situation. No one is free of problems and hence, it is necessary that you take your life and your problems in your stride.


Life is often going to tempt you to give in to the situation, to give in to your emotions. You need to stand strong and you need to hold on. You will soon get by. If you believe in yourself, you are going to get along just fine. Only, look within yourself for all the answers and not towards the outside world.

Understand that you can never change the outside. If you can change anything at all, it lies within you. If you have that trust, life will be 100% yours and you will have nothing to worry about. It is a materialistic age and it is easy to move on.

emotions and feeling

Emotions and Feelings need to be Taken Care of

A lot of emphasis isn’t laid on feelings. Hence, the emotional ones always suffer in an era like this one. It is necessary to react to each situation accordingly. For, your attitude defines your life and if you don’t have the right attitude then you might just not be causing trouble for yourself but also for those around you.

Hence, always harbour the right attitude. Or else, not only you but everyone else around you will have to face a lot of issues. Yes, life is all about chances and risks and you definitely should take them. Yet, in the process, you shouldn’t ruin yourself. Thus, keep your issues at bay and look at life on a positive note.

Sometimes, the alarming realty of life will hit you in face and you need to face it. Do not let anything put you down. Stay strong, put your head up and keep walking ahead.

You will soon leave your pain away and be able to look at life anew. Everyone has to go through painful issues in their life. Sometimes, things will make your tears go dry. As harsh as it may sound, move it and walk ahead. For, you have created the problem and it is you who will find the solution. Isn’t it supposed to be your life after all?

change your attitude

Change your Attitude while Retaining your Principles

Thus, face your problems, face your life and change your attitude. You will be surprised to find how easy life was and how difficult you had been making it. Thus, alter your attitude from a stubborn and negative one to a positive and accepting one. You will be able to live your life as easy as breeze.

After all, this is what you have been taught all your life by your parents and teachers. Only that, you forget the lessons that you learnt as a child once you grow up. Go back to school lessons and tear a page from that book. You will see that they had been right all along.

our own beliefs

No matter, who you are, a beggar, a womanizer, a prostitute, a high profile model, a well established businessman, you have your own beliefs, self worth and self respect. Hence, always stand up for your beliefs and principles. For, it is only as we go through life that we form these and no one should be telling us otherwise.

Always make it a point to stand up for your rights no matter who is opposing them. Yes, you might have to fight off your boss or your principal as well but what is life without a few challenges isn’t it? Thus, don’t let anyone tease you about your life. You can go on with yours while they go on with theirs.

This new attitude will give you a longer and better life. Now, who doesn’t like to add a few years to their lives? As you go on with your new attitude you may also come across a stage of self realisation. When the impact of this attitude hits you entirely, it is only then that you will know. After all, a change in your attitude is bound to affect your life in numerous ways. A good attitude will mean a good life and a bad attitude will mean otherwise. Hence, it is often said that life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how one reacts to it. The proverb fits to the T on almost all of us. Hence, it is time to change our attitude.


The way your life turns out largely depends on you. The right kind of attitude can enrich your life by twofold and make you a much happier person.

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