How to deal with fever


Often we find ourselves down with a fever and all we do is pop a pill and nothing else. There are many things that you can do, other than taking a fever medication, in order to reduce the discomfort and get fast relief from fever. Here are some ways to deal with fever.

Cold compression

As soon as you start getting a fever, make sure that you keep its severity under control through cold compress. You can try this even before you take medications to reduce the fever and keep its symptoms under control. Take some cold water and soak a small towel in it. Wring the towel dry and apply on the forehead, neck, face, etc., to reduce the temperature. This will prevent the heat from causing damage to your brain if the fever is very high. Very high fever can be kept under control by using a wet sheet that is dipped in cold water for covering the entire body of the feverish person. Continue this for 1 or 2 hours so that the temperature comes down. Make sure that medical attention is sought in cases of very high temperature.

Take plenty of rest

Many of us make the mistake of exerting our body through the fever, when all we need is rest, to recuperate and get back on track. Whether you take pills or use natural treatment methods, rest is imperative to get out of fever. This is because the body is weak when you have fever. The immune system is trying hard to fight some kind of infection that could be invading your body and this over exertion of the immune system will render your body weak, which is what causes the fever in the first place. Take a break and rest adequately. Take a nap or find time to relax and spend time contemplating on your life, dreams, and desires. It is best to avoid reading or watching TV as fever is mostly accompanied by headache and tiredness. Listen to music or meditate for a change. In any case, stay away from strenuous jobs and stress that can aggravate the symptoms.

Try some home remedies

Holy basil is one of the most common herbs used for a variety of common ailments including fever. Holy basil leaves can be crushed and added to boiling water and take the infusion several times a day for reducing fever due to respiratory infections. Holy basil infusion can be mixed along with cardamom powder as well to increase its effectiveness. Another remedy for treating fever at home is hogweed. An infusion can be prepared by taking 15 gm of hogweed and adding 250 ml of boiling water into it. Steep for about 20 minutes and take this twice a day. Hogweed infusion will induce sweating which will remove the toxins and cool the body as well. Bloodwort is another potent herbal remedy for treating fever. Prepare an infusion with 15 gm of Bloodwort and add a glass of boiling water to this. Steep and drink twice daily to induce perspiration for cooling and expulsion of toxins.


If home remedies are not your cup of tea, and if your fever has become very high, you probably need an over the counter medication for reducing the symptoms. OTC drugs not only help in bringing down the fever, but also mask accompanying symptoms like inflammation, bacterial or viral action, and also headaches and body pain. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc., are medications that can be taken without prescription. For bacterial and viral infections that lead to fever, you might require antibiotics and other prescription drugs as well. All antibiotic and prescription medications must be taken only with the guidance of a doctor and care must be taken to finish the prescribed course.

Fresh orange juice and water

Fever can be easily treated at home without the use of over the counter medications. First thing that has to be done is to increase your immunity. Vitamin C helps in increasing immunity and hence drinking orange juice when having fever is known to help relieve the symptoms of fever fast. Orange juice is specially good for fever related to stomach upset and indigestion. Drinking orange juice will help in removing toxins and the increased urinary output will help in reducing the temperature as well. Being on an exclusive diet of orange juice will remove the fever in a day.

When you have fever, it is also important to drink plenty of water for reducing the temperature and increasing the urine output for toxin removal. At least 2 liters of water must be taken to get well soon.

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