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How to deal with fatigue

Fatigue can be induced by various factors. The reasons can vary from being physical, psychological, emotional to environmental. So, you must recognize and pin point the fatigue causing factors so that you know how to deal with them and your fatigue. The measures mentioned here are very effective against fatigue and would help you to deal with the problem appropriately.

Take rest, sleep well and relax

To deal with fatigue you must take suitable steps to rejuvenate your mind and body. You must get yourself a good 6-8 hours of sleep. Create the right atmosphere that helps you sleep better. Do not compromise on your sleep or cut on it for anything else, however important that might be. Apart from sleeping the required hours your body may need additional rest. So take time out to give your body complete rest. Keep away from overwork or stress, at least till the time your body and mind gets sufficiently recharged to take care of the additional work load or stress. Till then don’t push yourself to do more than your body allows you. Take care of the basic work that you need to do and spend the rest of the time unwinding and relaxing.

Take help of different methods that would help you relax. Get yourself a body massage that would not only make your body relaxed but would also rejuvenate your mind. Listen to soothing music, meditate, try out breathing exercises and yoga, and yes, laugh more often. These techniques and measures would help you relax your body and mind thus restoring energy in you.

Eat right, stay healthy

Our diet has more impact on us and our lives than we often recognize or acknowledge. The right kind of diet holds the key to almost all physical, psychological or emotional problems. So you must watch out what you eat. A little change in your eating habits can help you deal with fatigue quite well. All you need to do is add or less certain items in your regular diet. To start with, you must limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Too much of any of the too can affect you adversely resulting in fatigue. Instead try out the energy drinks or energy tonics that are safe, natural and easy on your blood sugar levels. These energy tonics would give you sufficient energy and vigor to carry on with your tasks for around 6-8 hours, but after that too they won’t suddenly drop your energy levels. But more important than these is the need to get a healthy, nourishing diet. Fatigue can result out of malnutrition or anemia. Hence to fight it back you need to take good sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Eat food that provides you with the required amount of vitamins, calcium, protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, iron, etc. If required, go for supplements that help to meet your body’s requirement.

Get yourself some exercise

A little exercise on a regular basis is one of the basic requirements of the body. Hence, to deal with fatigue too you must get yourself a little exercise. But before you jump to a conclusion let’s make it clear that by exercise we are not talking about any rigorous workout session. In fact, if you try to push your body and go for some strenuous exercise then that might prove to be hazardous for you if you are suffering from fatigue. Whereas, a simple exercise regime for around half an hour a day would help you fight back your fatigue and increase your energy level. So, engage yourself in simple exercises like a brisk walk, swimming or hands free simple exercises. Yoga is also a good exercise for fatigued people. You can even indulge in dancing or sports like golf to reduce fatigue.

Think positive and get rid of fear and anxiety

Positive thinking fills a person with a lot more mental and physical energy. Thus, fight back the negative thoughts or just ignore them and concentrate on thinking positive. Often excess stress, worry or fear about future induces fatigue in a person. Find out the reason for your stress and anxiety and keep yourself away from it. Try to find out positive and comforting things around you. Involve yourself in activities that make you feel positive and happy and keep all sorts of worry and tension away from you.

Treat diseases

Certain physical or mental ailments lead to fatigue in a person. Depression, for instance, often leads a person to suffer from fatigue. Therefore, you should consult a medical practitioner and treat any such disease at once so that you can deal with fatigue. Apart from diseases, certain medicines too lead to lack of energy and tired feeling. If any such medicine is causing similar side effects then seek immediate help from your doctor and ask for substitutes to the medicine. If these issues are handled well then you would be able to deal with your fatigue problem much easily.

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