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Facts having a love and sex life should know

having a love and sex life

Everybody has their own love and a sex life, but still one is always curious to know about other’s love life not because of any other reason but just to confirm the level and standard of their love life. Well, if you agree to this and you belong to this category then this article is surely for you. Click through to find out facts related to one’s sex and love life:

Women are marvelous spies

Starting from the first day when a woman goes with a man on date, women do not depend upon men to reveal their life to them, and therefore, they do their homework beforehand only. Women spy on the man with whom they intend to start a relationship with, and find out stuff that they want to know about the man. Although men also do the same, but women are more intricate on the spy part.

Worried about the dipping sexual interest post marriage

Majority of women and men have a misconception that either the sex life becomes boring, or it starts plummeting after a few years of marriage. This misconception is so strong in some people that they actually worry a lot about it. All you men and women kindly get this thing very straight that it is just a myth and nothing more. More than 41 percent of people in the world do not experience a drop in their sexual pleasure even after so many years of their marriage. So, stop worrying and enjoy.

Love and marriage is good for men’s bones

To go by the study of University of California, Los Angeles, love and marriage is good for men’s bones, as it strengthens their skeleton. Well, this is not the only health benefit of marriage that men enjoy but there are many other health benefits as well. Married men are less prone to cancers and heart diseases, and they have a longer life as well.

You do not feel sick when you are sexually aroused

Many people would agree that sex is a messy activity featuring fluids and smells. However, when a person is sexually aroused, he does not feel grossed out owing to the smells and the messy fluid because sexual arousal overrides the body’s natural response, the disgust response.

The arousal makes the mind strong against some sick happenings and a person does not feel disgusted. A normal person feels sick when someone pukes in front of him under normal circumstances, but if the person is sexually aroused then there is a possibility that he will not respond to the puke in the same way.

Men fall in love faster and out of it slower

Men are renowned for being flirtatious and non-committers, and that they are very quick at changing their feelings, but this is untrue in most of the cases. Men are the ones who fall in love faster than women do. Moreover, they are the ones who take more time to get over a break up and move on in lives. Men do experience a roller coaster ride of emotions but cannot express them.

Boys are more eager to meet her parents

It sounds so sweet that majority of the times it is a boy in relationship with a girl who is more anxious to meet the girl’s parents. However, many boys accept the fact that it is not commitment that makes them anxious to meet parents; rather it is to satisfy their doubts. They want to find out the nature of a girl’s dad, so that there is no scope for any future trouble.


In order to make your love and sex life happier and successful, it is good to know all the facts and possibilities about love life.

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