Even an excess of happiness can be harmful

Almost everything we do in life is to attain happiness. You get educated; look for a good job that can fulfill your needs and requirements so that you can be happy in life. In the same way, you wish to get a life partner who truly understands you and leads you towards a happy and content life eventually. There is however, a catch; too much happiness can make you boring and dull. It turns you into a lazy person since you see no need to work hard or try your luck. Too much happiness makes you:

Less creative

risk in life

When you are happy, you really do not feel like working hard towards your goals or you have nothing to look forward to. You live a life that is less active. When you have no need to be active, you do not take risk in life, which means your life comes to a dead end. Even if you take risk, you hardly evaluate your chances to get chances. You roll with the punches without any plan in your life. Creativity is miles away from you when you hardly live an active life.

Over-satisfied or less competent

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You are satisfied with yourself in one way or another and it keeps you from trying hard to bring out the best in you. You do not really feel a need to be at your best. It is very important that you set new goals in life and try to achieve them. You can’t be satisfied unless you show your best to the world and without trying your level best you can never attain that. You start losing your edge after a while and it leads to the disappointment eventually.

You become extravagant

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You do not find a need to spend carefully or save for a rainy day. Most people lose their ability to think analytically when in a happy mood. It is very important that you invest in good schemes that give you good returns on regular basis. You must save for your future as it keeps the future of your loved ones secure. Keep yourself in your senses even when everything is going smooth in your life and you are on top of the world.

Overlook your experiences

learn a new skill

Your failures keep you grounded. You always check twice before taking a step further. On the contrary, when you are happy and satisfied in your life you are not able to look at all the possibilities. Failures give you learning that take you closer to your goals. You tend to avoid the aspect of learning when you are overwhelmed, because of which you collect a big pile of regrets. Your experiences make you feel complete in life. Without experiences, you hardly move on in life, let apart making achievements.

It makes you unhappy

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It is human tendency to look for more in life. When you have attained a certain level of happiness you start feeling unhappy and look for something more in life. You set high standards of happiness, try hard to attain it and feel disappointed when you do not achieve it.

It makes you lazy and unproductive

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Too much happiness makes you lazy since you find yourself in a happy mode that seems never ending. You do not want to learn a new skill or get into action. You hardly make any plan in life and even put all prior goals on hold until you come out of this phase.

Happiness motivates you and helps you reenergize your soul. Too much happiness on the other hand keeps you from following a routine of regular life.

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