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Effective tips to help your love get over his/her ex

help your love get over ex

Sometimes it is hard to make up your mind, let alone moving on with options with you. Managing relationships is one of the toughest things to do in the world. Moreover, if you love someone who finds it hard to come over his/her past, situation gets even worse. You sure cannot blame your partner for the way he/she feels but you can certainly make efforts to help the love of your life get over his/her past. Here are a few tips that can help:

Keep yourself positive

There are things that are beyond your control and an effort to control them leads you to utter disappointment. You cannot get angry or yell at your partner for feeling the way he/she feels since you do not want to lose him/her. It is important that you understand and help your partner get rid of memories that keep troubling him/her. Tell your partner that you understand and would always stand by him/her.

Do not make comments that hurt  

You must understand that your partner is going through a tough time and you must be there to help him/her move on. There are times when couples get into an argument over trivial issues and hurt each other in a rage of anger. If you utter up things that your partner do not wish to hear or something that make him/her feel sorry or guilty, you relationship can go in an altogether different direction.

Watch your words especially when you lose your cool. If not anything else, leave the place and come back when you are able to weigh your words before uttering them up. The way you look at your partner’s past play a crucial role in turning it into a trustworthy relationship.

Use those three magical words

Every time you find your partner sitting alone in a sad mood, you get an opportunity to cheer him/her up. Do not wait for perfect moments to tell your partner that you love him/her more than anything in the world.

Do not let him/her feel alone since such moments always bring back the memories that hurt. Three magical words that express your love work wonders at times when things get a little serious.

Don’t expect anything to change overnight

As they say, time is a great healer; you cannot expect things to change overnight. Give your partner some time to overcome his/her ex and keep your hopes up. You can plan a candle light dinner occasionally or go for a family picnic to divert his/her attention. It is always easier to forget someone when you have something going on in your life. Make plans to watch a movie together or to go on a long drive on weekends.


Something that can be more painful for your partner is the fact that you are helping him/her deal with his/her past. However, it is only a good sign, which indicates that your partner has a soft corner for you and is worried about the way you feel.

Keep a smile on your face to make your partner feel that you understand and are there to help him/her deal with it. Remember, not only the words but your actions convey the way your feel, make your partner feel good about him/her self.

Empathize with your partner

It is important that you empathize with your partner since otherwise you would find it hard to relate with it. You would have felt the same way if you were in love with someone else. Sometimes it is hard to understand your emotions let alone controlling them.

It is quite difficult situation to deal with, since you love someone who finds it hard to get over his/her ex but who says it’s easy to love someone. Keep your hopes up and your finger crossed as love is truly divine.

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