Actions and behavior patterns that may turn you into a monster

They say that a bad choice may lead you to destruction and it is certainly true. There are certain personality traits or actions that are not only toxic for yourself but may even prove harmful for others around you. However, something that increases your chances to fall into the trap is the fact that at times you fail to consider the possible consequences.



It is good to keep yourself on top of your priority list but when it turns into an obsession with yourself, it may take your life in a wrong direction. There are people who always give importance to their own opinion without even considering all the possibilities. Learn the art to balance thing up and value everyone’s opinion without getting biased. It is much easy to attain your goals when you have the love and support of your loved ones.



All you have is enough for you to keep you happy all your life. Be happy with what you have since happiness stems from within. Most of the people are aware of this universal truth and even acknowledge it at times but when it comes to the real world, you fail to accept the everlasting truth. There is no end to desires and this is the reason why human life is always full of troubles.


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As they say, excess of anything is bad and it stands true in almost any case. Excessive eating, drinking or accumulating materialistic possessions may seem tempting in the beginning but the result is always bad. Live a simple and meaningful life as it gives you to eternal peace of mind.



Laziness, be it physical, psychological, spiritual or cerebral, steals you energy. Action is the energy of life as without action or putting in your best efforts you can never think of achieving success in life. Even those people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths or who get success by chance do not survive for a long time. Give your best and expect the best result of your efforts. Get up early and work hard to get the maximum output of your efforts. Life is what you make it.


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An uncontrolled desire to satisfy your sexual fantasies or wants can never lead you to happiness and satisfaction. Lust is also defined as a desire to get money, fame, food or power but in any form, it is bad and destructive. You end up in the middle of nowhere when you make baseless comparisons or try to take the control in your own hands.



Those who envy others fail to appreciate what they have in their own lives. What you have with you is unique and priceless. You are a unique individual who has different needs and requirements. You are one unique creation of universe and everything you have is unique. You must take pride in it and celebrate each moment of your life.


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The feelings of anger and hatred may give you the feeling of being in control but the feeling fades away in a spur of a moment. Those who hate other or try to control them can never expect them to love or admire them. Psychologists say that a person can hardly make a difference between good and bad under the influence of anger let alone making wise decisions of life.

Learn to admire others around you, as you can never expect to live a positive life by making choices that instigate negativity.

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