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Earn Lots of Money but Grow in the Prosperity of Others

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Money is not True Prosperity

You need to get money in order to live a happy and satisfying life. However, just money is not enough. If you have to prosper then you need more than just money. You need to be true to yourself when you earn and spend money. You don’t need to just use it for yourself. You need to use it for the prosperity of others as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you know. You can also be helping out an absolute stranger. From someone you love a lot to someone you don’t know at all, you can help out literally anyone. Using money selfishly isn’t as satisfactory as helping out others with your own money.

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Everyone has wishes and wants but fulfilling other people’s wishes and wants is much more satisfactory than fulfilling your own. Happiness doesn’t lie in material things but in emotional fulfilment. You will be happier on an emotional level if you help other people achieve what they want or help them fulfil their needs.

It will help you prosper a lot on an emotional level even f it isn’t financially. It is a much more satisfactory feeling than otherwise. The prosperity of the soul is much more a better feeling in comparison to the prosperity of the mind. Hence, it is time one got over materialism.

How would you rather use your money?


You will not only feel good on helping out others monetarily but you and they will both experience a feeling of ecstasy. You may have a lot of money to boast of, but are you content with life? You need to ask yourself a few questions about what you are actually doing with your money. There are a lot of proverbs and sayings about donation and charity.

These proverbs haven’t come out of nothing. Giving brings in more happiness in comparison to taking and this is the ultimate truth. It isn’t necessary for you to be a rich person in order to help others. If you are satisfied with the money you have and are making extra bits, you can definitely shell out a bit for others. The feeling that one gets out of helping others is definitely a knightly feeling. Money isn’t the answer or solution to all your problems contrary to the myth. Money helps improve your situation but it is definitely not the ultimate solution. No matter how old or how young you are, if you are to prosper, it will only be through lending a helping hand to others. No one has prospered all alone and no one ever will. Yes, money will help you fulfil your basic needs and this same money can help others achieve their basic needs as well. How and where you use your money, is entirely your own decision.

Help wisely

Help but Help Wisely

However, you need to be careful before you make a decision. You don’t have to go ahead and help any and everyone. Help someone who really needs your help. Helping any random person will not do you any good. It is your money after all and you cannot be giving it to someone who is simply too lazy to find a job. Give it to someone sensible, to someone who will invest or use your money wisely. Or in the least, give it or use it for someone who is truly and really in need of that money.

Before you make that decision of lending your money, think wisely. Don’t just give it away to anyone! If you help out someone who doesn’t need your help and that too monetarily, you are writing your own doom. Hence, before you begin to do so think twice. You don’t really have to lend money to someone in order to help them out. Buying food for the beggar with your own money is also a way of helping someone out. In fact, this will be much more helpful in comparison to simply lending money to the beggar. You will feel real light and happy on lending help to the needy. There are enough people out there who could use some help. All you need to do is, go ahead and help them out.


Money is Shaky, Goodness isn’t

Moreover, if you are going to be satisfied because of money, it isn’t going to last. You have money today, you don’t have money tomorrow. Anything can happen to you at any point in time.

Hence, emotional prosperity is much more valuable than monetary prosperity. Life and circumstances can force you to go bankrupt but nothing can take away from you, the help you have handed to people. Hence, help wisely, build up goodwill and prosper truly. This is the correct way of leading life as opposed to earning money for yourself and using it only for your own purposes.

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