How to deal with disrespectful people

Abounding times in your life, you will face many disrespectful people whether at your workplace or school and they can be terribly annoying. Following are some tips that will help you deal with such rude people.

Don’t take it personally

One mistake that many people are seen to make is to take the disrespectful behavior of their colleagues personally. This does not help you in any way and furthermore drops your efficiency. It deviates your mind from your main aim, and you fall right into the trap of the disrespectful person. Their sole aim is to make your task difficult and cause you discomfort and if you gives in to this, you should consider yourself defeated by the other person. Even complaining about the person or bullying him for his misbehavior to show him who is the boss will not help you, because it then gains the trouble maker the sympathy of other people. You should try to avoid taking it personally as much as possible. It is his problem and not yours, so you should just try to ignore it.

Confrontation is the last resort

It is easy to get angry and annoyed at such people, but you should never lose your composure. People who disrespect you do it with a purpose of creating problems for you and you should not let them succeed in this. Avoid trying to confront them when you are not respected, because respect is something that comes from within and cannot be demanded. You might get them to stop saying things directly to you, but they would keep talking behind your back. Refrain from being aggressive and harsh on them and you should rather treat them with indifference, show them how less they affect you and ignore them gracefully.

Don’t expect the rude behavior to change

There are some people who enjoy behaving in this manner and it is also possible that they may not be aware that they are being rude. It is a part of their nature and is unlikely to change no matter how much you try. Do not expect quick results of your polite behavior towards them. You can change your actions which may change their behavior, but don’t expect their behavior to change. This will make your future correspondences much easier. If you accept that they will behave in this fashion only, it will save you from a lot of disappointment. Do not rely on them to make your life better, instead, take charge and make yourself feel good, avoid coming into contact with their negativity. Do not let their behavior reflect in yours, you should be totally contrasting to them in this aspect.

Stay calm

When dealing with disrespectful people, staying calm becomes a major problem. Any self respecting person would not take a jibe at them easily unless it is coming from a good friend, in some cases even this does not hold true. It is very easy to lose your cool and act impulsively to the person’s misbehaving act. But, you should always keep this in mind that there are other people around you too, who may be judging you on how you deal with such situations and they might not like it. It will create a dent on your otherwise good image, as it will show that you can be ruffled easily. Maintain your dignity and composure, let them say what they want to because you are concerned about your own work only. Do not let your efficiency drop because of this.

Avoid as much as possible

Knowing that you do not like a person and their attitude, you should never seek an interaction with them. Do not get into long conversations or gossips with such people and keep your conversations crisp and to the point. Show indifference at their comments which they pass at you in between the conversation and carry on as if you did not hear it. You need to get your work out of them and you should limit your interaction to that. Meeting such people in the beginning of the day sometimes ruins out whole day because you do not start it in a positive frame of mind, take detours if possible to avoid facing them early. Concentrate on other important things such as your own work and do not pay heed to whatever they might have to throw at you. This may make you less interesting to them and they themselves might start avoiding you, hence solving your problem altogether.

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